Updated fixed price procedures from Parkway Health in Singapore

Parkway Health in Singapore has announced fixed price packages for over thirty procedures, valid through 31 March, 2010. Although the package prices are for routine cases without complications, and eligibility for the packages can only be established after a doctor examination, the continued move toward pre-defined fixed prices is very refreshing.

A wide range of procedures are covered including:
- Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) with 3 grafts or less at S$23,000 (about US$15,400 at current exchange rates)
- Total Hip Replacement (Unilateral) with a 5 day hospital stay at S$19,000 (US$12,700)
- Cataract (per eye) with Anaesthetist at S$3,450 (US$2,100)

The full list of procedures included can be found at http://www.ipac.sg/pdf/ppac_pricing.pdf.  Prices do not include Singapore sales tax, which adds 7% to the total.

The Parkway Group has been providing medical care and medical services in Asia for many years. Its subsidiaries include Parkway Group Healthcare, which owns a network of regional hospitals and medical centres in Malaysia, India and Brunei; and Parkway Hospitals Singapore, which owns three hospitals in Singapore - East Shore, Gleneagles, and Mount Elizabeth hospitals. Parkway also has established speciality centres namely Parkway Cancer Centre, Parkway Liver Centre and Parkway Eye Centre.

All three of Parkway’s Singapore hospitals are JCI certified. JCI certification is the leading international hospital accreditation and certification organization, certifying and recognizing hospitals that meet world class standards. 

In the medical hub that Singapore has become, 13 hospitals have earned JCI certification, giving Singapore about one third of Asia’s JCI certified hospitals.

The high number of JCI certified facilities is backed by high quality results. For example, the incidence of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonias in Singaporean Intensive Care Units averaged 2.53/1000 ventilator-days in 2005 (the lower the better) compared to 4.4 in the US (NNIS pooled).

Keep your eye out for more competitively priced offerings as international patients increasingly seek out high quality health care, and health care service providers increasingly meet this demand.

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