Thanks To Dr. Shivani Sachdeva Gour for a beautiful daughter(U.K. couple)

Dr. Shivani Sachdeva Gour is God send for all those couples who cannot conceive naturally. People from all across the world are coming to India for their surrogacy treatment. Getting a treatment done from Dr. Shivani augments their success rate manifolds. Not only they are sure of a positive result, their surrogacy journey is as smooth as it can be.
Sangita and Gurdip from UK feel that they are most blessed couple in the entire world. There was a time in their life when they were disheartened after miscarriages and lot of unsuccessful pregnancy attempts which disappeared when they met Dr. Shivani. The couple almost gave up the hope of completing their family after unsuccessful IVF treatments and miscarriages. They contacted Dr. Shivani’s office and after few email exchanges they realized that they have to give it a last shot.
The competent team of doctor helped them realize their dream of having a baby and now they are proud parents of a beautiful daughter named Amaya. Not only this, all the inhibitions were removed and the journey was made as smooth as possible. The doctor’s team flattened all the creases and even the legalities were taken care of. The team displays amazing professionalism and patience throughout the treatment.
The dream that seemed so far away has become a reality now. The overwhelming love that one feels when they look at the baby can’t be expressed in words. The couple can now shout out to the world that they have a daughter Amaya. All the words like elated, happiness, euphoric and over the moon seem understated. Sangita and Gurdip can’t thank their doctor enough for her unconditional support and medical expertise and they do not forget to recommend the doctor to other couples who are on a lookout.

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