Surrogacy India Guide

With adoption becoming legally more difficult, and greater awareness of surrogacy as an option, many couples (and even individuals) that cannot otherwise bear children are increasingly turning to surrogacy as a possibility to fulfill their parenthood dreams. 

In general, couples first investigate surrogacy in their home country.  Some couples find that either the cost, or their country's legal environment, makes it very difficult to pursue surrogacy and then start investigating options for surrogacy abroad.  The most common overseas option is surrogacy in India, although there are other options.

Although India's first surrogate baby was delivered on June 23rd, 1994, the practice started receiving widespread international attention in 2004 when an Indian woman delivered a surrogate child for her daugther in the U.K.  Surrogacy in India gained more attention in 2007, when Oprah featured a U.S. couple pursuing surrogacy in India during her daytime television program. 

Surrogacy costs for a single successful round typically range from US$17,000 to US$25,000 with success rates as high as 50% depending on the age of the woman providing the eggs.  

In India, surrogacy as a medical process has matured to the point where some clinics specialize in surrogacy (which generally means they have IVF-egg transfer facilities, help identify surrogates, and assist in the legal/contractual process), generally giving them more experience and a greater understanding of the process than U.S. and European clinics that focus primarily on the more traditional IVF. 

In researching whether surrogacy India is right for you, this guide provides an overview for selecting a clinic, the process of working with a clinic, the pregnancy, birth and baby pick-up, and then post-baby birth issues


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The ChaiBaby blog has a post titled "Aged Mummy" and the need for an ED - really?? that also shows ART data on success rates with ones own eggs based on age, and also adds that miscarriage rates go up as egg age increases with the following:

The miscarriage rate after ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy was:
10% at age 25
14% at age 35
28% at age 40
47% at age 43

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