Procedure Description

The first step of the process is to provide medical information, including the following:
a) Day 2 of your cycle - ultrasound scan, serum FSH, Prolactine, TSH, Estradiol, LH.
b) HIV & HbSAg tests - from both partners
c) Semen analysis from the husband

Upon reviewing the results, the doctor will respond back.

Dr. Patel prefers to work with couples that have not previously had children.

The center is in high demand, so once medical tests have been confirmed, the wait time is often three or four months.

Local Cost
USD Cost
US$ 18,000
Cost Includes

The IVF with donor egg cycle charge would be approximately charge 4500 + 500 US dollars (surrogate treatment- medicine, blood test, food, hospital stay for 15 days etc.) per treatment cycle.

The surrogate fees would be 6500 US dollar. This money is given to the surrogate in installment in this way, 600 US dollar at the end of three months of pregnancy, 600 US dollar given at the end of six months of pregnancy, and 5300 US dollar given at time of handing over the baby.

You have to pay approximately 50 US dollars after embryo transfer for 15 days rest. If she conceives then you have to pay 150 US dollars per month.

After delivery you have pay 50 US dollars per month for three month.

The pregnancy checkup and delivery charges would be – 5000 – 6000 USD.


We've been emailing with Dr. Patel and she'd indicated she cannot fit us in until February! A bit disappointing for us, so we'll continue looking at additional options. We have asked whether we can go earlier, but we'll see...

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