Procedure Description

Dr. Wiwat has previously worked through several agencies, but has indicated that they don't provide the level of customer service he was seeking. As a result, he now works directly with patients.

Dr. Wiwat does want to meet face-to-face with patients before moving forward on a surrogacy program.

A table showing whether or not there are legal parentage issues is located at the bottom of this page:

Local Currency
Thai Bhat
Local Cost
USD Cost
US$ 22,000
Cost Includes

(US$1 = 35 Thai Baht)

Package ICSI = 160,000 TB (include medications) or
Package IVF = 150,000 TB (include medications)
Surrogate mother = 450,000 TB

The treatment costs do not include a check up for you and your husband before you start your process. (The cost for this is around 3000-4000 TB) and does not include freezing sperm and freezing your embryo.

For the surrogate compensation of 450,000 Baht
1. Initial compensation surrogate use 50,000 Baht.
2. When the surrogate get pregnant, she is paid by installment 40,000 Baht/month
(If she is pregnant through delivery, you have to pay 320,000 Baht.
Unfortunately if she has miscarriage at 3 month gestation, you have to pay 120,000 Baht for this item. In such a case, the total you pay = 120,000+50,000 = 170,000)
3. The last payment when you go to take the baby home is 80,000 Baht.
4. If she carries multiple ordered pregnancy, you have to pay 50,000 Baht extra for the second and third baby.
5. Delivery cost: Natural birth=40,000 TB, Cesarean section 50,000 TB.
6. This cost includes antenatal care, maternity clothes, transportation.

a) All the amount must be paid at starting the treatment.
b) No1 is nonrefundable, No2,3,4 is refundable if the surrogate does not get pregnant.
c)The cost is subject to change with documented agreement.
d)If the first attempt fails, you will get 10% discount for a single additional attempt.

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