Procedure Description

Altravita is reported to conduct about 40 surrogate cycles per year, with a 49% success rate.

Since gamete donation and surrogacy programs are restricted in some countries and are extremely expensive in others, these programs are of particular interest to our foreign patients and our partners from foreign IVF clinics. The cost of infertility treatment in our clinic is below 50% of the cost in most countries. For example a cost of IVF with oocyte donation is €5,674 (drugs and compensation to the donor are included).

AltraVita clinic also performs treatment of patients above 50 years of age and/or with elevated FSH levels and repeated failures in ART.

Oocyte Donation

This technology is used in cases of premature ovarian failure, absence of ovaries, premature menopause, genetic disorder, women over 40 years of age with elevated FSH, or for women with little or no response to ovarian stimulation.

During the process of egg donation the eggs from the ovaries of a woman with normally functioning ovaries are retrieved. These donated eggs are then fertilized in a laboratory (in vitro fertilization) with sperm from the egg recipient's partner. The resulting embryos are then transferred to the uterus of the woman desiring a baby. If pregnancy is established, the egg recipient becomes the gestational mother and experiences the joy of pregnancy and childbirth.

AltraVita clinic has a highly professional egg donation program that meets the highest standards and criteria set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

We use oocyte donors aged 21-31 with proven fertility (they must have children of their own), who passed thorough medical screening.

Prior medical assessment covers basic personal data, current general health, past medical and surgical history, family history (including a detailed genetic history), occupational and social history, medical and illicit drug use, reproductive and sexual history.

All donors are examined by clinical geneticist and fully screened for sexually transmitted diseases and common genetic disorders. Each donor is assessed by a professional psychiatrist and a psychologist.

Donors are tested for:
- Sexually transmitted disease: HIV; Syphilis; Hepatitis B; Hepatitis C; Gonorrhoea; Chlamidia; Ureaplasma; Mycoplasma; Cytomegalovirus; Herpes;
- chromosomal abnormalities (karyotyping).

Donation is anonymous. Consent forms are signed by the oocyte donor as well as the recipient and partner.

To help recipient parents in selecting a suitable donor, we have created a database of oocyte donors. You will have access to information regarding the donors and their background.

Most of our foreign recipients of donor eggs have the monitoring of their uterine lining (usually 1 or 2 ultrasound tests needed) done in their home area. Then the couple comes to Moscow a day or two prior to the donor's egg retrieval. The couple usually then stays in Moscow until the embryo transfer. The total length of stay in Moscow is 5-7 days.


The surrogacy program works in conjunction with attorneys specializing in third party assisted births. The legal climate towards surrogacy in Russia is extremely positive, hence the program has been able to help couples from countries where surrogacy is prohibited to find a suitable surrogate mother.

If a recipient couple is accepted in to the Surrogacy Program, there is no wait list.

USD Cost
US$ 49,000
Cost Includes

(US1$ = approx. RUR 30)

The figures below do NOT include IVF drugs, or payment to a surrogate. The total approximate cost has attempted to include these. Nevertheless, the approximate cost is just that, approximate. Contact the clinic to confirm pricing details.

Consultations of the Specialists

1 First Consultation of a Gynecologist RUR 3,000.0
2 Follow-up Consultation of a Gynecologist RUR 2,250.0
3 Consultation of a Geneticist RUR 2,250.0
4 Consultation of a Urologist RUR 2,250.0
5 Consultation of a Therapeutist RUR 1,500.0
6 Consultation of an Embryologist RUR 900.0
Assisted Reproductive Technologies

8 IVF (Drugs not Included) RUR 82,500.0
11 IVF with Donor Oocytes (Drugs and Compensation to the Donor Included) RUR 226,500.0
12 Embryo Transfer after Thawing of Frozen Embryos (Drugs, Tests and Monitoring not Included) RUR 25,500.0
13 IVF with IVM, Natural Cycle IVF RUR 84,000.0
14 ICSI RUR 30,000.0
15 Donor Sperm, 1 Sample 0,5 ml RUR 9,000.0
16 IUI RUR 21,000.0
17 Sperm Freezing RUR 6,000.0
18 Embryo Freezing RUR 12,000.0
19 Storage of Frozen Material for 1 Month RUR 1,500.0
20 Storage of Frozen Material for 1 Month in a Separate Cryostorage RUR 6,000.0
21 Assisted Hatching RUR 7,500.0

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