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Best Neurosurgeons in India

There was been rapid advances in the last two decades in the field of neurosurgery in India which is why the best neurosurgeons in India are preferred the most. Almost all cases of brain tumor are being successfully operated by the Indian Neurosurgeons. Our network hospitals offer world class facilities ranging from the intra operative MRI, Gamma Knife Surgery and Brain suite.

The success rate of the best neurosurgeons in India ranges between 95 to 98 percent which is comparable to any other setup elsewhere around the globe. It should be observed that not all the neurosurgeons are good in all kinds of cases since the field of neurosurgery is quite vast. Here we will guide the patients about the best treatment from the top neurosurgeons across the best hospital in India.

best neurosurgeon India

A neurosurgeon is a physician specializing in the surgery and treatment of the nervous system and its surrounding structures. Best neurosurgeons in India operate on the brain, scalp, skull and spinal column. The overall goal of the neurosurgeon is to maintain the oxygen and blood flow to all the parts of the brain which will minimize the damage and increase the prospect of recovery and survival.

Best Neurosurgeons in India are both nationally and internationally renowned experts in diagnosing and performing the surgical treatments of the brain and spine disorders such as trigeminal neuralgia, brain tumors and hemifacial spasms, pediatric neurosurgery, neuro-vascular surgery, radiosurgery, pituitary surgery, epilepsy, spine and spinal cord surgery and the movement disorders.

The top neurosurgeons in India are also involved in the Stereotactic radiosurgery along with the radiation oncologists for treating AVM and tumor. The radiosurgical methods such as cyberknife and gamma knife are also used. They utilizes the endovascular image guided procedure to treat AVMs, aneurysms, spinal malformations, carotid stenosis, vascospasms and stroke. The techniques such as embolization, angioplasty, clot retrieval, stenting and diagnostic angiography are now being utilized.

Qualifications of a Neurosurgeon in India

  • MS in General Surgery
  • MCH in Neurosurgery
  • DNB/ FRCS/ MRCS from Interntional Colleges and Hospitals
  • Publications and Paper Presentations in Reputed Scientific and Medical Journals
  • International Fellowship and Training Programs
  • Wide Clinical Experience

Why Choose Best Neurosurgeons in India with Cost Effective and Futuristic Surgeries at Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants?

Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants came into existence with a mission to assimiliate the finest medical and surgical talent and techniques to offer highest quality treatments to the international patients at affordable price. We believe in serving our patients not just for the good but to offer the best by giving them a second chance to live a better and normal life. The medical investigations of our patients are conducted with the latest technologically advanced diagnostic equipments. We make stringent quality check to ensure a reliable and high quality services for our patients from abroad.

Our team will provide the most comfortable, convenient measure of healthcare services in India with the cost effective and futuristic surgeries. We also help with arrangements of medical visas, medicine, appointments, food, travel, and stay in India.


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