Stem Cell Therapy in India: Is New Hope for Cancer Patients


 Is New Hope for Cancer Patients

The stem cell therapy in India has been found to be useful in over 60% of the patients due for the liver transplant. This is because, the stem cell therapy in India for cancer patients from Africa is less cumbersome and risky and the cost is comparatively quite reasonable. A large number of patients from Africa needing liver transplantation cannot afford it due to the cost and donor availability.

A living donor is needed in such plantation cases with a matching blood group and he/she must be a family member or a first or second degree relative. The cost of liver transplantation is too high and majority of times it is not affordable by the liver cirrhosis patients from Africa. Also they do not have a donor. In view of the logistical problems faced by such patients. The alternative methods like using reserve cells in the body called as stem cells will cost much less. Some of these cells can be mobilised from the bone marrow as it has the capacity to regenerate the cells. Hence, we stimulate the bone marrow by an injection. The stem cell therapy might act as a bridge for the liver transplant and can also provide some time to the patients from Africa to arrange for their treatment.

Stem Cell Therapy cost in India: Tour2India4Health Consultants

The stem cell therapy for cancer in India patients come from Africa through Tour2India4Health uses the stem cells for treating the disease. The stem cells are obtained from the patient’s own blood bone marrow, umbilical cor tissue or blood and fat. These are progenitor cells leading to creation of new cells and therefore they are called as the generative cells. A Tour2India4Health offer package of Stem Cell Therapy in India is $12,000 for all types of disease with.

How does Stem Cell Therapy in India work?

The biological job of the stem cells is to repair and regenerate the damaged cells. The stem cell therapy in India exploits this function by systematically administering the cells and in high concentrations directly into the damaged tissue, where they advance its self-healing. The process which lies behind this mechanism is largely unknown. However, it is assumed that the stem cells discharge certain substances that activate the diseased tissue. It is also conceivable that the single damaged somatic cells are replaced with stem cells. According to most scientists, the stem cell research has a great life-saving potential and this could revolutionize the study and treatment of injuries and diseases.

Services Offered by Tour2India4Health for Stem Cell Therapy in India

  • Simple booking procedures to seek Stem cell therapy in India.
  • Low cost - a fraction of the cost of UK/USA surgery.
  • Full assistance to get Medical Visa.
  • Fast efficient service -immediate treatment with no waiting lists.
  • Post and pre treatment assistance
  • Full patient support service - 24/7 services.
  • Individual time to each patient
  • Medical executives with fluent English
  • Provides the world’s highest standards of services and care.
  • Foreign exchange facility
  • 24x7 facility of language translators at your service


Tour2India4 Health is assists the patients from Africa to get their stem cell therapy center in India from the highly qualified, skilled doctors and surgeons across the best hospitals and medical centres in India. Our hospitals have state of the art equipments, latest technology, world class infrastructures, which increases the success rate of the stem cell therapy in India. If you are seeking the stem cell therapy in India then contact Tour2India4Health by sending your inquiry on our website and our executives will get back to you with all the necessary details and information for further interaction. 



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