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Watching a Horror/Scary Movie will Burn 200 Calories by Doctors/Researchers

Watching horror within ninety minutes helps burn about 105 calories and it is very close to the amount of calories, which helps to burn half-hour walk! By the way, about the same number of calories contained in a slab of pure chocolate. That this information was reported by the University of Westminster.

As a result, the corresponding study, scientists were able to determine that, for example, a psychological thriller sample 1980 under the name "Light" on the novel by Stephen King helps to burn the most calories! Average among the audience of about 184 calories. The famous "Jaws" It is on the second position with an index of 161 calories.

As reported, the scientists measured the total energy losses of different people at a time when they watched horror movies. The researchers /doctors recorded the participants of the experiment the heart rate, oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide emission, which allowed them to finally come to the following conclusion while watching such films increases the number of calories burned by a third. The scientists also identified films that present times, forcing the audience to jump in horror at his place. It turned out that these moments do not only increase the heart rate, but also the largest number of calories burned.

"When watching each of the ten proposed by horror films, which have been used for testing shall be measured heart rate, - said Dr. Richard McKenzie, a specialist in cell metabolism and physiology at the University of Westminster."

"It's a rapid release of adrenaline, which occurs at the time of the outbreak of severe stress (or in this case - at the moment of intense fear), can reduce appetite, increase the intensity of metabolism and burn ultimately, more calories" - explained by Mackenzie.

We can not agree with a logical chain of reasoning of the doctor, but there is a justifiable question to researchers: why, in fact, for their experiments, they used a rather old horror movies? How to know if would be displayed "Jaws" in 3D, then people would lose weight faster! 

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