www.aaabelts.ru it will be a long and painful

one is that Replica Designer Belts's financial system is stable, safe, 2 it is to avoid and reduce the influence of American financial crisis on Replica Designer Belts, the people's bank of Replica Designer Belts and relevant regulatory authorities have worked out the plan. However, we should also see, like the 97 Asian financial crisis, there is no crisis to Replica Hermes Belt financial institutions, mainly because of the insufficient of our financial opening, still but losses in the financial crisis, Replica Designer Belts people's university of recent reports preliminary estimate losses at $360 billion, directly shows that we are on the financial investment is far from safe and sound, in overseas investment decision-making mechanism need to improve a lot. In the face of the unprecedented financial turmoil in front, human individual soldiers of the people's bank of apparently alone cannot make the national people's trust, between Replica Designer Belts's financial institutions to the logic of collective action, strengthen cooperation and coordination. We suggest that set up the financial crisis to deal with the office of the state council, the financial crisis impact on Replica Designer Belts's economic and financial security to conduct a comprehensive and rapid assessment of financial state policy, public investment information, to prompt risk all of Replica Designer Belts's financial institutions. The National People's Congress should also develop the financial crisis emergency response law as soon as possible, review Replica Designer Belts's financial investment abroad disposal scheme, maintaining national rights and interests of overseas investment, nogossipzone.com and to increase the the financial crisis to the height of constitutionalism. In terms of impact on Replica Designer Belts's real economy and, as the world's biggest export and investment-led economy, the global economic recession on Replica Hermes Belt exports hit is self-evident. Literally, the challenge for the Replica Hermes Belt economy is unprecedented, we at the time of public policy, must be, consider how to make a balance between multiple targets. From the current perspective, the key to prevent the decline in Replica Designer Belts's economic long-term is Replica Designer Belts itself and the change of economic growth, www.aaabelts.ru it will be a long and painful process, but the American financial crisis may be passive accelerate the process of www.endesignerbelts.com this should have already completed. In the short term, is clearly the best way to boost domestic demand, and the key to boost domestic demand now is to change the current reform train of thou http://www.nogossipzone.com/ ght, on the one hand, change the policy to support large enterprises, actually support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, on the other hand, in the medical, education, housing, and other areas of the people's livelihood of reform must insist that only better, not worse reform principles, let everybody have no trouble back at home but was afraid to consumption. Rather than continue to push up already hung in the real estate of the lake, I believe that countries want to push up the real estate, sustaining economic growth by real estate can certainly do this, but this is to let a malfunctioning car in highway running above, risk is self-evident.

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