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But the author is most concerned about people from all walks of life to the policy of misreading, and unrealistic expectations to the market: the mix of policies, what will be in Buy Gucci Belt real estate market, and would like some developers expected to usher in a spring flowers again. For such illusions, the author's answer is simple: not all flowers in spring. You can look at the performance of the real estate market since 2014. In 2014, although the central level direct rescue measures are not many, but the various policies in fact has been very awesome, but as a result, the year the real estate market.
Especially after 9.30 mortgages New Deal last year, plus the monetary policy of lower interest rates down, a lot of people in the market of real estate is expected to rebound, the fact is that the first two months of this year, both in 70 large and medium cities housing prices, or real estate investment, sales data, are falling again. January and February, the national housing sales area and sales both double-digit negative growth. Among them, a 17.8% drop in sales area, than last year 8.7% losses;
The 16.7% decline in housing sales expanded by 8.9%. First-tier cities of data also is not beautiful, in Beijing, for example, 1 to 2 months, the city commercial housing sales, completion area fell by 14.6% and 28.1% respectively, compared to the same one's home sales area while 7.7% year-on-year growth, but the new starting area and completed area of year-on-year decline is as high as 22.2% and 22.2% respectively. Fundamental reason is that Buy Gucci Belt real estate market and the past completely different, inventory and financial pressure is still the biggest enemy of the real estate market this year.
Rescue policy is sunshine, but it is winter sunshine, rather than the bloomy spring season of sunshine, whether local governments, and developers should be aware that no matter how great the government and real estate love, but an indisputable fact is that Gucci Belt Cheap has bid farewell to shortage of housing, real estate for a beautiful days are numbered. Following this logic, the future real estate basic roadmap is clear:

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