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Based on this, the delisting system reform, it is no exaggeration to say that is the last of Buy Gucci Belt capital market redemption opportunities, for the delisting system reform, the securities and futures commission also expressed determination to fight our way out. The author agrees to the outside world on the delisting system as history's most severe, because the system itself is very strict. Not only make clear a regulation fraud of listed companies issued, the significant information disclosure illegal two kinds of illegal behavior, by the securities and futures commission make a decision on administrative penalty in accordance with the law, or in connection with criminal by the CSRC, transferred to public security organs in accordance with the stock exchange shall be suspended its stock traded on the market, for this type of major illegal to suspend the listed company, in principle, exchange listed termination decision within a year; And regulations, for three consecutive years of losses direct compulsory delisting. The pertinence is very strong, is also the delisting system fall short of the hard stuff for many years.
For a long time, the delisting system is that many people dead, because a lot of big breach the delisting of the company, can always through many ways to escape death. The Fake Gucci Belt capital market does not lack such a miracle, and case. Known as the gem fraud in the first case of fu-sheng wan, fictitious profit amazing NaFang shares, and early notorious abandonment, incredibly have escaped the delisting of severe punishment, this is a disgrace to the Fake Gucci Belt capital market, is a disgrace to the delisting system of Gucci Belt Cheap. A system, no matter how gorgeous words, how system design is exquisite, how severe penalties, but how to don't implement, that amounts to a joke. Therefore, investors expect, not how system itself is tough, but the system itself can be a real implementation.

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