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In the case of all for protect shell and the game, the delisting system but is worthy of the name of the scarecrow, time grew, even the faint intimidation role does not exist. Buy Gucci Belt capital market has been established, fraud, illegal, company consecutive losses, but it was not until 2001 that the 10th anniversary of Buy Gucci Belt capital market, only the first real delisting of listed company PT narcissus. During every SEC chairman, almost to reform the delisting system of listed companies, almost all new delisting system, however, the delisting system delisting several versions, the chairman of the CSRC changed for several years, only a few delisting of listed companies. According to the media, as the new delisting system is implemented, more than 3000 listed companies, a total of only retreat city, 78, retreat city less than 3%, and the securities market each year, compared to 10% the proportion of delisting is basically useless.
Delisting system of listed company as an important component of the securities market mechanism design, through eliminating bad company, external pressure, to improve performance and improve the corporate governance of listed companies has very significant effect of incentive and constraint. The failure of the delisting system in Buy Gucci Belt capital market, means that on the external governance mechanism of listed companies has destroyed one of the most important powers, no constraint delisting, whether fraud, fraud of listed companies, can be arbitrary, because in any case, will not be sentenced to death, this is illegal which the listed company's encouragement.
Combined with a dominant ownership structure determines the Fake Gucci Belt there is no competition for control of the company management pressure, this is the root cause the failure of corporate governance of Buy Gucci Belt important system, is also the root of the loss of investor confidence in Buy Gucci Belt capital market.

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