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Effects of Fibroid and its surgery (India)

Fibroids are benign tumors that grow in the uterus, composed of smooth muscles and fibrous tissue. The fibroids are located outside or inside the uterus, and vary in size from a nut to a melon, but are generally the size of an orange. The size depends on the woman’s menstrual cycle. Excess estrogen is the prime cause of fibroids. Fibroids commonly do not show any symptoms, but when they do, they include heavy bleeding, frequent urge to urinate, and pelvic pressure. They sometimes cause pain when they twist and break down further degenerating. Fibroids often cause infertility and miscarriage.

In absence of symptoms, time alone can tell if there are any, and whether they are causing any trouble like cancer, miscarriage or infertility. Doctors mostly recommend hysterectomy even in absence of symptoms, becoming the reason for one third of the hysterectomies.

There are other surgical options like myomectomy, hysteroscopy, both of which take considerable surgical excellence. It is easier to take out the uterus than to take out a fibroid. The complications related to the surgery are rather very high say 40 to 50 percent. It is an intricate surgery and the recovery time is long. The surgery often involves removal of ovaries which result in immediate menopause. Even if the ovaries are behind, the patient tends to go into menopause nearly two years earlier. It is highly recommended not to remove the ovaries unless there is no serious problem. There is a shocking number of cases where the ovaries are taken out for no good reason. Majority of hysterectomies are performed between the ages of 20 and 49, and unfortunately, half of the women over 40 are convinced to have both the ovaries removed at the same time even though there may rarely be a medical reason for it.

During menopause, the ovaries start functioning feebly but continue to secrete meager amount of hormones, which cushion the peri-menopausal transition period. A hysterectomy can also alter the patient’s experience of physical intimacy negatively because you there are no more uterine orgasms. If the ovaries are removed or they stop working, the woman tends to lose 50 percent of the testosterone, while some women lose their sexual urge. Researches now show that the uterus has other purposes such as secreting hormonal and active substances which play a role in preventing arthritis.

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