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Why South Sudan People looking for Lymphoma treatment in India?


As per reports more than half of the blood cancer cases belong to lymphoma, which is also a kind of blood cancer that is known to hamper the immune system a lot. Though as said, it can be a common problem among the youth but can even attack people of any age group. With advanced procedures dealing with blood cancer, the scare or panic due to this dreaded disease has come to the lowest. If you deal on time, you are going to get the positive results for sure and the survival rate of the lymphoma patients have been significantly high as these can help in living long and making things in control. India has now reached at the center stage in terms of offering high quality and affordable healthcare services.  And Lymphoma treatment in India - - Indianmedguru is certainly not an exception. Well, let’s have a look at it as under:

Understanding Lymphoma Treatment

Lymphoma can hamper our lymphatic structure, which has become the part and parcel of our immune system of our body. The cancer simply starts at the healthy lymphocyte cells wherein a number of lymph nodes are collected over our body hampering the spleen, liver and bone marrow. These can be called as abnormal growth of the cells damaging our immune system and thus causing this ailment. Once the doctor finds the type of the same, you can proceed for the Lymphoma treatment in India - - Indianmedguru. The lymphoma is known to have two types:

  • Hodgkin Lymphoma
  • Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Suspected causes

Anyone can have lymphoma, which include women, men, kids and even the elderly person. There is hardly any specific cause to the same but it can cause the following people:

  • Elderly people
  • Chronic viral and bacterial infections
  • Immune system disease
  • High intake of the red meats and fat
  • Exposure to pesticide or radiations
  • Family history of lymphoma

Understanding the cause is also important as it will decide upon the Lymphoma treatment in India - Indianmedguru.

Symptoms of Lymphoma

Though one may not find any specific symptoms of the same, but if you are experiencing any of these, it can cause a number of issues that are given as under:

  • Fever
  • Swollen lymph nodes over armpits groin or neck
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Night sweats
  • Chest pain swollen abdomen
  • Itchy skin  
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Anemia

Lymphoma treatment Options

·         When it comes to Lymphoma treatment in India - - Indianmedguru, there are several options, which are discussed here.

  • Bone Marrow Transplant: This procedure deals with replacing the diseased bone marrow tissues with some special stem cells, which later becomes the bone marrow.
  • Chemotherapy: This deals with destroying the cancerous cells found in our body, which can be given in the case of lymphoma through stem cell transplantation. This therefore helps in killing the lymphoma cells that further relapses the things.
  • Radiation therapy: The oncologist also take resort in this treatment option for killing the lymphoma cells depending upon the age, stage and the spread of the disease.
  • Targeted Drug Therapy: This is among the advanced treatment option for lymphoma, which is costlier than others but remains effective for many reasons.

Lymphoma treatment in India

For the global patients coming from countries like south Sudan the Lymphoma treatment in India - - Indianmedguru, is a boon. Thanks to the top class of oncology hospitals that are present in India catering high quality healthcare services. These hospitals are par in terms of facilities and features unlike seen in the developed nations like the US and other nations in the west. Interestingly, the lymphoma treatment or any other healthcare solutions in India are found at much of the affordable cost lymphoma treatment in India, which give enough reasons to the global patients to plan their treatment here in India.


Total Expenses of Blood Cancer Treatment in India


Blood cancer is also called as Leukaemia, which is a cancer of blood cells. This starts inside the bone marrow wherein the soft tissues are affected the first laying inside the bones. More often, this can be called as a cancer of white blood cells; however, some of the leukaemia can be even seen startingup in other types of blood cells as well. The leukaemia cells are seen producing some abnormal white blood cells as well, which creates the problems. Soon these abnormal blood cells tarts growing much faster than the normal blood cells, which fail to stop when they are supposed to. Though it may sound dreaded one, but it can be treated well with different surgical and non-surgical options. With Blood Cancer Treatment in India for Indianmedguru as the medical tourism company, the global patient can get one of the best treatments at much affordable cost.

Types of Blood Cancer

When it comes to types of blood cancer types, these are grouped in different ways but these are known to have divided into two broad categories, which goes as under:

  • Acute or Chronic: The acute leukaemia can simply get worst in a very short time period and can make you feel very much sick right away. The issue of chronic Leukaemia simply gets worse slowly and gradually may not give any symptoms for years.
  • Lymphocytic or Myelogenous: This is a kind of blood cancer that is known to hamper the white blood cells, while the Myelogenousleukaemia is seen simply hampering the white blood cells known as myelocytes.

The other types of leukaemia can be summed up in the following way before you check the Blood Cancer Treatment in India for Indianmedguru:


  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia
  • Acute MyelogenousLeukaemia
  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia
  • Chronic MyelogenousLeukaemia

Symptoms of Blood Cancer

When it comes to symptoms there are many one can face while having blood cancer. So, before you check for the options pertaining to Blood Cancer Treatment in India for Indianmedguru, let’s check them the following:

  • Pain and swelling over the left side of the abdomen
  • The swollen lymph nodes, which remains unhurt
  • The frequent amount of bleeding from the gums/ rectum and a heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Nausea, and feeling weak/ tiredness
  • Too much loss of weight and appetite
  • Fever or Night Sweats
  • Bone pain

No of Benefits Blood Cancer Treatment in India


When it comes to Blood Cancer Treatment in India for Indianmedguru, you are bound to get a number of benefits. Well talking about the treatment, it varies simply depending upon the kind and stage of the diseases. The chances of recovery are often better when diagnosed in all the stages. But the cancer healer therapy simply helps in treating the disease even when this has been reached in the advanced or metastatic stages. It will be seen working over the ideas of immunotherapy, which enhances the immune cells found in the body, which is the B Cell and T Cell that is seen fighting against the cancer cells and thus helps in regulating the disease. Also, the cancer healer therapy can help in using in combination with different other traditional therapies.

Cost Benefits of Blood Cancer Treatment in India

Cancer Treatment India($) USA($) UK($)
Blood Cancer 6000 42000 52000
AML Blood Cancer 5500 40000 45000
ALL Blood Cancer 5000 35000 40000

The Indian hospitals dealing with total expenses of Blood Cancer Treatment in India and surgeries are the hub of medical experts known for having painstaking credentials that is defined with high quality medical services.  This talent pool is further supported by highly skilled medical team, which is known to render high quality services and care. The oncologists, hospitals and other resources required for the treatment of blood cancer in India are par with the ones found in the US and other developed nations. In terms of cost no one can beat the Blood Cancer Treatment in India for Indianmedguru.

Here You can get Information about Blood Cancer treatment in India:


Affordable Blood Cancer Surgeons in India Providing Quality Oriented Treatment


The blood cancer or leukemia affects the production and function of your blood cells. Most of these cancers start in the bone marrow where the blood is produced. Usually, the stem cells in the bone marrow mature and develop into three types of blood cells: red blood cells, white blood cells or platelets. In most blood cancers, the normal blood cell development process is interrupted by uncontrolled growth of an abnormal type of blood cells or cancerous cells that prevents your blood from fighting infections or cause serious bleeding.

Causes & Risk Factors

Most causes of blood cancer are unknown. This disease has been linked to the occupational exposure to the chemical benzene, exposure to the large amounts of high energy radiation, cigarette smoking and viral infections.

The risk factors for blood cancer include, myelodysplastic syndromes, previous chemotherapy, down syndrome and other genetic diseases, family history and human T-cell leukemia virus 1 (HTLV-1)



The symptoms are weakness, anaemia, extreme fatigue, shortness of blood, vulnerability to infection and swelling of the lymph nodes, fever, loss of weight and appetite, sudden bouts of chill and night sweating, fullness of abdomen, coughing, nausea and food aversion, itching, painful back, bouts of numbness and chest pain, etc.


To diagnose leukemia, the doctor must examine cells from the blood and the bone marrow. The doctor will ask you for an initial blood test-a complete blood count (CBC) that shows the abnormal white cell count which may indicate the need for a bone marrow biopsy to confirm the diagnosis and identify the specific type of blood cancer.

Blood Cancer Treatment in India


The blood cancer treatment depends on the type blood cancer, certain features of the cells, extent of disease and whether the blood cancer has been treated before. The treatments include:

1)    Biological therapy is treating with substances which affect the immune system’s response to cancer. It uses the body’s immune system to fight cancer by using the antibodies to target and destroy the leukemia cells.

2)    Chemotherapy is given in cycles-a treatment period that is followed by a recovery period and then another treatment period and so on. It destroys the cancer cells by stopping them from multiplying or growing. It also causes side effects, that is, some healthy cells get destroyed, but these normal cells are able to repair themselves after treatment.

3)    Radiation therapy is used for treating blood cancer in the central nervous system or the testicles as well as for the pain caused due to bone destruction. However, it is not the primary treatment for blood cancer, but it is helpful in treating cancer since the cancer cells reproduce faster than most normal cells.

4)    Bone marrow transplants are the best cure in most cases of blood cancer. The blood cancer surgeons perform this procedure when the cancer is in remission or when the patient relapses during or after treatment. The patients are given this treatment so that their body can be given the higher doses of chemotherapy drugs which cannot be tolerated otherwise. Chemotherapy destroys the normal cells in bone marrow thereby makes bone marrow transplant necessary to make up for the destruction of the normal cells.

5)    Surgery is less likely to be considered for the patients of blood cancer since the leukemia cells are spread throughout the body which makes it difficult to target one specific area. In some cases, surgery is performed to remove the spleen because the blood cells have accumulated in it causing it to swell and displace organs in the abdomen.

Affordable Blood Cancer Surgeons in India Offer Quality Oriented Treatment


If you have any persistent symptoms to signs or if you are worried about the cancer risk, then discuss your concerns with your doctor and ask for cancer screening test and procedures appropriate for you. Contact “Indian Med Guru Consultants to get the most affordable blood cancer surgeons in India. We help you to find the best surgeon in India for your blood cancer treatment at the most affordable price without compromising on the quality of medical services and care.

High Quality, Affordable Uterus Removal Surgery in India



The uterus removal surgery often called as hysterectomy, which deals with removing the womb completely for the reasons of having fibroids in it. The issue of fibroids can be experienced by the women after having the babies. The fibroid can vary from small size to a size of water melon and can bring in the issue of menstrual blood. A woman can need this surgery for a number of reasons, which helps in treating a wide range of issues like chronic pain and even removing the cancerous tumors and infections as well. The kind of surgery considered would depend upon the kind of issue you face. India is regarded as the top destination choice for global patients coming down to India for a number of reasons. These come in the form of getting the access of high quality healthcare services like Uterus removal surgery in India at affordable cost.

When is Uterus Removal done?

Your doctor can be seen suggesting the uterus removal surgery to you when you have the following conditions:

  • Acute pelvic pain
  • Irrepressible bleeding in vagina
  • Cancer in uterus, ovaries or cervix
  • You have fibroids wherein the benign tumors that are seen growing inside the uterus
  • Pelvic inflammatory diseases that gives serious infections pertaining to reproductive organs
  • Have uterine prolapse which is seen occurring over the uterus that drops via the cervix and have protrudes coming out from the vagina
  • You have endometriosis a disorder wherein the inner lining over the uterus growing outside over the uterine cavity that causes bleeding and pain
  • You have adenomyosis that is a condition wherein the inner lining over the uterus is seen growing over the muscles seen over the uterus

Types of Uterus Removal (Fibroid Surgery)


When it comes to uterus removal surgery including the procedures like hysterectomy, which are as under:

  • Partial Hysterectomy: In this surgery, your doctor is seen removing over one portion of your uterus. These may be seen leaving your cervix intact.
  • Total Hysterectomy: This surgery helps in removing the entire uterus like cervix. You would no longer required to get into the annual Pap test when the cervix is seen getting removed. Nevertheless you are required to continue having regular pelvic exam.
  • Hysterectomy and Salpingo-Oophorectomy: This surgery helps in removing the uterus along with other organs like fallopian tubes and ovaries. You are required a procedure called hormone replacement surgery in case both the ovaries are simply removed.

Techniques of Fibroid Surgery

The uterus removal surgery can be carried out in the following ways:

  •  Abdominal Hysterectomy: In this procedure, your doctor is seen removing the uterus by making a big size incision over your abdomen area. The incision can be either horizontal or vertical and both the kinds of incisions can easily heal perfectly without any other issue.
  •  Vaginal Hysterectomy: In this procedure, you will find the uterus being removed via small size incision that is made over the vagina. In this procedure, you would find not any visible scars.
  • Laparoscopic Hysterectomy: In this procedure, your small size instrument is known as laparoscope, which helps in getting the best view over the monitor.

Cost of Uterus Removal Surgery in India

The cost of uterus removal surgery is usually less than 80 percent as compared to the ones carried out in developed nations like the US or the UK. The cost of hysterectomy surgery in India as compared to the other places can be seen as under:

    Medical   Treatment

                Procedure Cost in US Dollars($)



Abdominal Hysterectomy Surgery






Vaginal Hysterectomy



Uterus Removal Surgery in India with Indian Med Guru


Uterus Removal Surgery or Hysterectomy in India is carried out with great professionalism and care that can be seen worked out at affordable services. Indian Med Guru is a known medical tourism company, which happens to be the strongest links found in between the surgery and hospital for the global patients. You get one of the best services with this company under Top surgeons in India, which include managing your entire surgery with great professionalism and care along with carrying out even the trivial things the best including even your meals and local transport.


Why Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya Patients are Looking For Lymphoma Treatment in India?


Lymphoma treatment in India is a hope for many international patients who come for an affordable treatment with best supremacy in treatment standards to gain best advantages.

Cancer is a life- threatening disease. It is categorized in many types according to the location, and disrupting functions. Lymphoma is one of the types, defeating strong immune system of our body. Also it is known as blood cancer. It forms tumors which are solid. These tumors are located in lymph nodes of neck, armpits, and chest and groin areas. It destroys the functions of lymphatic system. It is the system of vessels which convey liquid all through the body including immunological cells.

Cancer treatments in India are dealt with a multidisciplinary team of physicians in order to assure that every possibility is taken into account prior to treatment. India boasts excellent oncologists who are professional and give their complete attention to the patients upon their hospitalization.

Tourists coming for medications are known as medical tourists and are offered a scope of medications either advanced or customary for a full recuperation from growth. The clinics in India which manage growth work intimately with cancer diagnosis centers and kindred researchers to upgrade the future of cancer patients and to locate the best treatment choice for every case.

Treatments of cancer include all advanced methods and special techniques which are in western and highly developed countries; like chemotherapy, radiation and molecular targeted therapy. Indian surgeons and hospital staff provide special benefit which is emotional support, this works as nutritional plan for patients.

Coming to the Lymphoma:

The essential two sorts of lymphoma are known Hodgkin lymphoma and non- Hodgkin lymphoma. The reasons for both lymphomas are same and happen in comparative areas. It can be separated by tiny perspective of cells. Non- Hodgkin lymphoma is further isolated in 35 classes taking into account interesting hereditary factors. Once the finding is affirmed, specialists focus the stage that is the seriousness of disorder to give best combination of medications and blend of treatments. Treatments are decided according to the stages and other factors of patient health condition.

The principal thing in treatment is the patient needs are passionate and best medicinal backing. Indian health care system offers altered meeting to the worldwide patient In India giving surety of recuperation with low cost of lymphoma treatment. The holding up time is chopping down in India. Treatment procedure includes numerous problems and other reactions and the patient ought to understand the strategy of treatment procedure. The cost of modal treatment in western nations is twofold what one patient pay in India benefiting with the same nature of treatment. The nursing staff and specialists are well skilled and friendly with patient.

Lymphoma Treatment in India with Indian MedGuru Consultant:

Indian med-guru consultants are best medical tourism company providing assistance in medical visit of foreign patients from beginning of process till completion. Process begins with medical opinions from top enlisted surgeons and doctors of ultimate healthcare centers in India. The team is renowned for its work offering best and wonderful medical packages to international patients. With every single need to all arrangements, Indian med-guru consultants will deliver utmost services and care affordably.  The group has tie-ups with skilled and excellent surgeons in India’s top notching hospitals. With an experience of over a decade of the team, they will advise patients to select right and best surgeon in India.


Know about ethics of gender determination and sex selection in India



Sex determination is the act of utilizing medical methods to pick the sex of posterity. Patients may demand sex choice for various reasons. Restorative evidences incorporate the counteractive action of sex-connected hereditary issue. Likewise, there is an assortment of social, monetary, social, and individual purposes behind selecting the sex of youngsters.

History and present phase both follow sexual discrimination. Sexual fetus determination In India is minded as offense and banned as due to conventional society took after. The opposite side of deciding sex is specialized and as indicated by medicinal benchmarks, the Prenatal Gender Determination to take care of health for the people who are in condition to get some problems in bearing child. 

Advantages of prenatal gender determination and sex selection 

Sex Selection is completed to analyze any imperfection or any defect in hatchling or therapeutic variations from the norm and apply the right treatment. In India Ethical motivation to focus sex of baby is medicinal interest to control the inability and hereditary issue in up and coming era of the separate crew. To profit typical pregnancy and conception to physically and rationally both fit youngster, medicinal science is enhancing and designing new techniques to treat the hereditary issue when the baby is developing in mother's womb. 

Techniques of the process 

The master exhortation is important to recognize sex and different routines have been utilized, they are Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) with In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and other is sperm sorting method called Microsort. The PGD tests incorporate different tests, for example,

  • Fluorescent In-Situ Hybridization (FISH) , 
  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) , 
  • Single nucleotide polymorphismanalys (SNP) technique
  • Comparative genomic hybridization (CGH)

Numerous different methods are additionally taken after to profit sex determination. To evade any handicap in embryo, PGD is dependable to get guaranteed result. Couples just to keep away from hereditary issue in their youngster are permitted to experience this technique as Prenatal Gender Determination as Sex Selection in India is banned. Expense of these medications and tests are similarly low and reliable in India. With fabulous offices and taking after each guidelines and standards of Indian government couples are permitted to profit sexual determination. 

Cost of the process in India 

Cost for the identical process in developed western countries goes twice or thrice the price in India. The price is low as the living economy of India is less as compared to other foreign nations.  With cost consideration, Indian doctors are also concerned with the ethical reasons of sex selection as it is widely used for discrimination among the sex of child. Many times the parents say they are going through the process to balance the family but this will not be considered any valid reason. The prenatal selection in medical field is only known for getting efficient treatment. 

About the company

Medicinal tourism for comfort of patient is expanding and India is getting to be significant destination for tourism alongside therapeutic treatment at exceptionally moderate expense. Medicinal tourism organizations are arriving at patients end with all plans in India. Indian med-guru consultants are therapeutic tourism organization in India, conveying surety of agreeable and financially savvy administration to the patient. The group helps as indicated by the quiet's choices coating up with travel, convenience, and sustenance and different offices required. Secrecy and unwavering quality are component which makes Indian med-guru consultants serve best to abroad patients being visitors and achieve fulfillment.

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Get Attractive Cost Treatment through the Best Surgeon in India

Getting surgery or medical treatment in India has become the center of attraction among many overseas patients. This has made India to assume the form of a popular medical hub for various kinds of medical treatments. Medical treatment in India is being provided by the best surgeon in India at an attractive and reasonable cost. Patients in India experience the most waiting times in western destinations like the USA, Canada and the UK.  It is for this reason they are seeking top surgeons in India. Patients undertake medical treatment in India when they face long waiting times, high cost factor and are uninsured. Thus they are attracted by the advantages of surgeons in India.
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Doctors in India- Know your healthcare providers better



Doctors in India bring there patient the best results by using their excellent skills, key medical specialties and super specialties on par with the higher developed countries. The doctors and nursing staff of hospitals in India are trained to provide latest procedures, services and therapies, giving outstanding care at most affordable cost. Indian Med-guru consultants are associated with top-notching doctors in India, reputed world wide for work. The group caters start to finish health care plan guiding in each step, making tour a good and memorable experience at reasonable price.

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Indian med-guru consultants are the best companion in journey of infertility treatment in India



The happiness and joy of having a baby cannot be measured. It known that if you fail conceiving naturally, some treatments are invented to deal with great stress of the problem. Fertility issues are stressful for a couple from either side emotionally and mentally. The changing lifestyle is the main reason doctors assume. Infertility treatment in India is beneficial to avail happiness, making a couple turn to family. 

A couple shared their experience of treatment in India for infertility and here it goes from “if to when”. Couple was planning for family and decided to toss out the birth control pills to just let nature take its course. But there were no signs of happiness instead problems in fertility were detected. Treatment consisting medications started. Problem detected was premature ovarian failure. Home town which is Canada cost high and pocket burning charges for treatment. I and my husband decided to plan our fertility treatment in India. So we reached Indian Med-guru consultants through internet. A comfortable schedule for us was offered and we landed to India in expectation for bliss. 

Treatments followed continue and regular check-ups. Medications with injection cycles were working perfectly and I was overcoming the failure. I feel really at the top of the world and blessed. We were so happy to hold our baby boy with us completing our family. 

Indian med-guru consultants are leading group of medical tourism provider. The team helped us reaching correct and skilled professional concerned with infertility. Hospital infrastructure was healthy and fully fledged. We accomplished my infertility treatment successfully with guidance of Indian med-guru consultants, supporting us at each step. Our visa welcomes, accommodations and doctors appointment with each small need was taken care. I thank wholeheartedly to the team making my life complete and helping throughout journey of infertility treatment in India. 

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Positive journey with best Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultant India

Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultant India helps many women to get best treatment covering full spectrum of reproductive system that all a women need. All women are blessed to have strength to give birth to a new life but some cases are complicated and need assistance. Here comes the role of medical practitioners who are capable to solve complication or hindrance by giving proper medications and specialized care to live life healthier. 

Gynecology deals with the treatment before and early stages of pregnancy. Obstetrics are subject to deal with later pregnancy stages and unborn children. There will be some unfortunate cases facing problems in reproductive life which will need assistance. New advancements in medical technologies will stand with patients to accomplish best treatments eliminating gynecological problems. Treatment methods include both surgical and mediation techniques followed by Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultants they are :

  • Laparoscopy - it is an operative method to eliminate cysts and infections from fallopian tubes and ovaries. 
  • Cone biopsies – the process includes treatment of cancer from cervix preparing and preventing cervical cancer to grow by removal of damaged and unhealthy cells.
  • Hysterectomies – it is surgery to detach women’s uterus.

The following are role to be performed by obstetrics :

  • Caesarean (or C) section- many females face problem during delivering baby caused by labor pain and other factors lead to adopt operative method to cut baby out from womb of mother avoiding further complications.
  • Cervical sutures- the procedure is step to prevent miscarriages by using tape helping in strengthening cervix.

Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultants in India will help you in your positive journey to maintain a healthy pregnancy and delivering child, blooming your life with happiness. Recently survey results shows that India is gaining attraction of patients travelling for medical treatment in order to plan a safe pregnancy. India offers vast medical fraternity of Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultants aiding best facility at low cost with extreme care. If cost of treatment care is considered in India, it is four times less than in affluent countries like USA, UK. Patients find finest quality in treatment in excellent hospitals with cutting edge technology which accredited by JCI. The consultants follow international protocols matching their standards. Surgeons and doctors are comparable to those in world wide with highest credits giving ears to listen the problems without compromising in needs maintaining professionalism. 

Indian med-guru consultants are again at top position in chart of medical tourism service provider in India. Company is working with a target to cater outstanding facilities offering various health care packages. The packages include medical facilities starting from no obligatory medical opinions to non medical facilities like accommodations, travel assistance and much more supporting facilities. You can also combine your medical visit with a holiday tour refreshing yourself and enjoy a stress free stay. 

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