What is the Best Treatment for Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer?


Non hodgkin lymphoma is a type of cancer which forms int he lymph system that is part of the body’s immune system which protects the body from foreign substances, diseases and infection. It can begin in B lymphocytes, natural killer cells or T lymphocytes. This post includes the information on the best treatment for non Hodgkin lymphoma. 

Best Treatment for Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer

When planning your best treatment for non Hodgkin lymphoma cancer, your doctor will consider the type of cancer you have, the stage, your age, overall health and your preferences. The goal of the best treatment for non Hodgkin lymphoma is to control the cancer so you go into remission i.e. when the signs and symptoms of cancer disappear. 

Remission may last for a long period of time until the cancer becomes active again and need further treatment. The pattern of remission and recurrence may repeat several times. In some cases, remission is permanent when repeated tests show no presence of cancer. 

Often non Hodgkin lymphoma is treated using cancer-killing medication or radiotherapy, though some people may not need treatment straight away hence they are advised for waitful watching. In few cases, if the initial cancer is very small then it can be removed with biopsy and no need for further treatment. 


It is widely used treatment for non Hodgkin lymphoma cancer in which medicines are used to kill the cancer cells. It may be used alone or combined with biological therapy and/or combined with radiotherapy. If doctors think your cancer is curable, you’ll receive chemotherapy through IV however if a cure is unlikely, you may only need taking chemotherapy tablets to help relieve your symptoms. If there is a risk of cancer spreading to your brain then you’ll be give chemotherapy injections directly into the cerebrospinal fluid around your spine. 

Often it is given over a period of a few months on an outpatient basis i.e. you should have to stay at the hospital overnight. If you experience any side effects that are troublecome, tell you care team as they know the treatments that can help. If non Hodgkin lymphoma doesn’t get better with initial treatment then you’ll have a course of chemotherapy at a stronger dose. 


Often it is used to treat early-stage non Hodgkin lymphoma where the cancer is only in one part of the body. Treatment is given is short daily sessions and you need not have to stay in hospital between appointments. 

Monoclonal antibody therapy

For some types of non Hodgkin lymphoma, you may have monoclonal antibody. These medications attach themselves to the surface of cancerous cells and stimulate the immune system to attack and kill the cells. Often they are given in combination with chemotherapy to make the treatment more effective. 

In case of some types of non Hodgkin lymphoma, you will continue to have this treatment regularly for up to two years after the initial treatment in combination with chemotherapy. This will reduce the chance of cancer recurrence in future.

One of the main monoclonal antibody medications used to treat this cancer is rituximab which is directly administered into your vein over the course of a few hours. 

Steroid Medication

It is commonly used along with chemotherapy to treat non Hodgkin lymphoma. Normally, it is given as tablets usually at the same time as chemotherapy. Usually a short course of steroids lasting no more than a few months is recommended to limit its side effects.

Wrap Up

After course of best treatment for non Hodgkin lymphoma cancer, you’ll have repeated scan to see how well it has worked. You’ll need regular follow-up appointments for monitoring your recovery and checking any signs of relapse. These appointments will start off being every few weeks or months and over time become less frequent. 

Discuss your treatment plan with a multidisciplinary team of several doctors and other healthcare professionals who specializes in treating non Hodgkin lymphoma cancer. To get the recommendation for the best treatment for non Hodgkin lymphoma cancer cost you can contact us on our website. We also provide you more information about the benefits and risks of any treatments for non Hodgkin lymphoma cancer. 

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