Brachytherapy Techniques for Cancer Treatment with Best Doctors in India



Brachytherapy in India involves placing a radioactive material directly inside or next to the tumor. It allows using a high dose of radiation while reducing the risk of damage to the nearby healthy tissue and increases the chance to destroy cancer. Doctors in India may place the brachytherapy seeds inside the body cavity such as vagina or insert it into the body tissues using hollow needles. It may be used alone or with radiation being given externally and the radioactive seeds will be left permanently in place or removed after some time.

What Conditions or Cancers are Treated with Brachytherapy in India?

It is used to treat cancers throughout the body:

  • Skin cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Health and neck cancer
  • Vaginal cancer
  • Eye cancer
  • Gallbladder carcinoma
  • Rectum cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Uterine carcinoma

Success Rate of Brachytherapy in India

The success rate of brachytherapy in India performed by the doctors in India are higher. The results of a prostate one are comparable to those of the radiacl prostatectomy for five to seven years post treatment. Studies show 74% success rate for brachytherapy in India at seven years done by the doctors in India. The survival rates for men are 81 to 93 percent who get their brachytherapy in India from the doctors in India. Considering the aggressiveness of most cancers, if not treated early then the success rate is very high.

How is Brachytherapy Treatment done?

During brachytherapy in India, the doctors in India will place the source of irradiation close to the tumor or within the body cavity. It may be given in addition to the external beam radiation which may be used as the only form of radiotherapy.

Benefits of Brachytherapy Treatment

  • Procedure will be completed in one to three hours on an outpatient basis
  • Precise targeting of the radiation which spares the healthy tissues
  • Patients will typically return to their normal activities within one to two days with minimal restrictions
  • Substantially lower incidence than external beam radiation or surgery for impotence and incontinence
  • It will greatly shorten the duration of the treatment
  • Little to no impact on the patient’s quality of life

Why Get Brachytherapy in India?

Getting the brachytherapy in India has many advantages such as highly skilled and well trained doctors in India, international accredited hospitals, English speaking staff, patient centered approach with well equipped facilities, personalized care and excellent medical services.

Best doctors in India for brachytherapy

Doctors in India have a vast experience and have been highly qualified and trained from the prestigious medical schools from the world. Extensive investments made ensure that all medical centres are well equipped with modern equipments and latest technology, state of the art facilities and world class infrastructures. Best doctors in India offer more effective, efficient and pleasant solutions to the patients.


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