Coarse grinding, Raymond Mill and ultra-fine grinding

Grinding equipment from the fineness of the fineness of 40-80 mesh known as the coarse powder mill, 80-325 head is usually called Raymond Mill, 100-2500 mesh is called ultra-fine milling machine, today stressed Under the coarse milling machine, coarse grinding is combined with the needs of customers in the traditional mill on the basis of the design of the grinding powder equipment, coarse powder mill to solve the user fineness of the finished product below 3 mm mixed A demand for material. In the processing technology on the coarse grinding instead of raymond mill, grinder, ball mill and other traditional milling equipment can only be processed fine powder granular material of a new high-tech products to meet the requirements of coarse powder processing customers, it is widely applicable In the quartz sand, silica sand, casting sand, abrasive abrasive sand and other fine sand industry, a highly efficient ideal equipment supporting the formation of closed-circuit production line, can produce a variety of particle size products, the use of more extensive, better results. Coarse milling machine into the market after the industry is very popular with customers, but also make up for other mechanical processing can only be fine powder. It should be noted that the coarse powder mill is improved from the Raymond Mill, the general can grind 1 mm of coarse powder, like 20 mesh -80 mesh fine powder can be easily processed to meet the rough Powder market users demand, especially for highways, refractories, building materials, water conservancy and hydropower in the field of some coarse powder mixture market, especially applicable. Coarse milling machine is characterized by the scope of fineness can not be adjusted, after the manufacturers set, this range is no longer possible to change, compared to Raymond Mill, the reduction of a link, so greatly increased production. It has the advantages of high production capacity, high crushing ratio, low power consumption, coarse product size, simple structure, convenient operation, small investment cost and so on. It is the coarse powder mill which is rare in the current coarse powder market. In the metallurgical, mining, chemical, cement, coal dry stone, construction, sand making, refractory materials and ceramics and other industrial and mining enterprises, engaged in material powder operation, the main suitable crushing strength is not higher than 320MPa (MPa) Soft and hard ore. At the same time, the motor rotates through the roller hanger through the triangular pulley and the central shaft, and the roller is mounted on the roller hanger by the bearing and the crossbar shaft. At the same time, Rolling along the inner ring. Add the material into the hopper through the three materials Pan, three-shaped powder cone, even along the circumference into the grinding ring and roller between the roller was crushed and crushed from the lower discharge discharge. Dust blower is the mill's import and export of negative pressure, no dust pollution, while the heat inside the machine.

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