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Brain Cancer Ovrview : 

Brain Cancer, the term is scary enough to shake anyone. Once upon a time, it brought tremors among people who have been the victim of this menace, however, with advancements taking place in medical treatments about the cancer, the fear has slightly come down. Thanks to the comprehensive amount of treatment options available for the cancer patients, the oncologists can treat the menace of brain cancer with the help of several surgical procedures like brain cancer surgery. A brain cancer can be defined as a group of certain abnormal cells, which starts from the brain and spreads around. The brain cancer is often the result of abnormal cells growth inside the brain. These forms of cancer can erupt from the basic brain cells or due to other reasons. When it comes to treatment of the brain cancer, India boasts out to be one of the best options in terms of getting high quality services at affordable cost. This two vital elements coming together make the influx of medical tourists coming for brain cancer surgery in India higher and much higher. 

Why Brain Cancer surgery is more prominent in Countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda? : 

The case of Brain cancer though is found in all the parts of the world, however, there are certain countries, wherein cases like these are simply rampant. This would depend upon a number of factors, which include the following factors that can be seen more in the patients of the targeted countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Let’s check the following causes: 

  • Age: The growing age is one of the factor, which increases the chance of having tumour in our heads. The brain tumours are among the most common ones in the growing adults. However, these can be seen in any age group. With certain types of brain cancers can be seen even among the kids.
  • Exposure to Radiation: People who get exposed to a certain type of radiation known as ionizing radiation can have an increased risk of brain tumour, which can be more found in these named countries. The examples of ionizing radiation, which include radiation therapy employed to treat the brain cancer due to radiation especially at the atomic plants. There are several types of radiations like electromagnetic field that come along from the power lines and radiofrequency coming from the cell phone towers and devices too can cause these tumours. 
  • Family History: The patients with brain tumours can have this issue due to their family history. People from the targeted nations like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are seen with aspect that gives the problem of brain cancer among the ailing patients. 

Cost Comparison - Advance Country : 

India is known to offer one of the best and competitive cost brain cancer surgeries to medical tourists coming from a wide range of countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Even if they include the travel expenses along with the cost of the brain surgery in India, the amount that flashes out at the top is much reasonable as compared to the developed nations like the US or UK. A small comparison of the cost of cancer surgery in India with the developed nations like the US can give you the real picture of the same. Let’s check them out: 

  • Craniotomy :
  • USA - 60,000 USD
  • India - 9,000 USD
  • Micro Surgery :
  • USA - 72,000 USD
  • India - 12,000 USD
  • Gamma Knife Surgery : 
  • USA - 75,000 USD
  • India - 6,600 USD

About Forerunners Healthcare : 

Forerunners Healthcare is a pioneer group when it comes to brain cancer surgery in India. It helps the medical tourists the best with a wide range of things they need for their travel arrangements to managing the entire cancer surgery to the other things like local travel, meals and other things with high quality and assurance. It is a top medical tourism company in India, which has a number of associations with the top cancer and neurosurgeons along with having tie-ups with the top cancer hospitals in all the major cities of India. Besides, it gives the patients the access to all the state of facilities that come along with the best medical fraternity.

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