Passport for the baby

Once you know the discharge date of your baby, you need to call the Consulates Fraud Prevention Unit at 022-2363-3611 ext 4426/4431 to make your appointment.  If you are certain you will have the birth certificate by a given date, you can state simply you will have everything on the date of the appointment.  The lead time for appointments can take up to two weeks, so it is important to make this appointment as early as possible.  It's best to make one trip to the consulate to get your passport and DNA Swab complete to limit the exposure of your newborn. 

Once they confirm your appointment, they will send you an email with all the required documents you need to fill out. These documents will include:
- The Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA),
- Passport Application and
- Affidavit of Presence in the US

The application for the baby’s social security card is at the embassy.

Please follow the link below if you desire to fill out the forms at home. The benefit is you will not need to do that in India at the last minute. The embassy can also provide you the forms when you arrive and you can fill them out then.  You will need to bring with you several documents.

1. Parents proof of U.S. citizenship.  Usually through your passport, but possibly through a naturalization certificate.
2. Baby's Birth Certificate that is issued by the Municipal office in Mumbai.
3.  Evidence of parents marriage: if applicable, this is usually via an original marriage certificate
4. Two identical 2x2 passport size photos with white background.  The Hospital can arrange for these photos to be taken. Please double check the size and background once you receive the photos.  There are certain requirements regarding the photo’s i.e. size and type. which can be found at:
5. The discharge form from the Hospital. This is a report card outlining the babies birth and much unlike what you are used to in the states. We also recommend that you get copies of the babies medical records from the medical records department, the public relations department can help you with this process. The more information the Embassy has the better it is for your approval process. In addition it is good information for your pediatrician to have of what took place at the hospital.
6. A letter from your Fertility Clinic on official letterhead stating that they assisted you in becoming a parent. In the letter the details of the surrogate, the date of service and what has occurred will be spelled out in the letter
7. A letter from the hospital with their letterhead that outlines the birth of your child.
8. Your baby’s presence is required during these visits.

Address of the U.S. Consulate is:

American Consulate General
Fraud Prevention Unit
Lincoln House
78, Bhulabhai Desai Road
Mumbai, India 400026

Once you arrive at the embassy with your baby, you will be required to leave your cell phone and other electonics with the guard. They will allow you to bring the babies supplies in although you'll probably have to taste test an liquid formula. The entrance you want is to the left of where the guards allow your car to be dropped off.

Once inside the embassy you will confirm your appointment with the receptionist. You will then go into the room and take a number. You can approach the counter for your forms this time. Usually you are asked to be there at 9:15am. Appointments are traditionally made for Thursday’s. This process can take up to three hours, so make sure you bring your babies formula and pertinent supplies. They have bottled water at the embassy for you to mix the formula. Once your name is called you will hand over all of the documentation to the agent. The agent will ask for payment in Rupees. Please refer to the State Department website for the required amount. These amounts change from time to time. You should get the name of the American Official that assisted you, and if possible an email address, so the lab can notify them when the DNA test is complete and DNA results are on their way back to the Embassy. This alerts them to the package and help facilitate it’s movement through the security in the mail room.

At present, it takes 7-10 days business after the consulate has approved the application to get the baby’s CRBA and passport. Please be aware that surrogate situations are complex and frequently require additional documentation so the application may not be approved on the day of the appointment. Go prepared!

Some people (tangobaby, friend of HammockGuy) have reported success requesting an emergency passport without DNA results.  An emergency passport can be ready the same day.   It's not clear what criteria is required to qualify for an emergency passport. 

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