Investigative report on Surrogacy with negative slant

Investigative report of Surrogacy, interviewing Dr. Patel at Anand. Has a negative slant on commercial surrogacy, but informational nonetheless. Embedding was disabled by the producers, but the video can be viewed here:

The same story, with a slightly different editing, titled "The Baby Factory", was aired on Australia's Dateline in Feb, 2009.

Issues raised in the video (and issues to watch out for) include:

  • costs were not well understood ahead of time - make sure you clearly understand costs ahead of time, and understand what is and is not included in the costs. 
  • when should embryos be transferred - day 3 or day 5 (bastocysts). Most surrogacy clinics seem to do day 3 transfers; the IVF doctor quoted in the video (and likely inexperienced in surrogate egg transfers) said they should be done on day 5.
  • genuine legal issues of whether a surrogacy contract would stand up in an Indian court of law, although no case of the Indian surrogate mother asking to keep the baby is known. Read more on contract issues at Stateless babies? And the surrogacy contract and What to Know, What to Ask.