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Our goal is to make possible the most precious thing on the Earth - the happiness of being parents: to see your child smiling, to feel his smell, to improve yourself and to grow together with your children, helping and developing each other...

Our success is reached thanks to up-to-date equipment, individual approach towards each and every patient, compliance with world medical aid standards and permanent work perfomance control as well as its improvement. The advantage of Intersono is our wide network of satalite centers and partner doctors in differnt parts of Ukraine, which gives an opportunity to undergo the procedures and medical examination which precede in vitro fertilisation and pregnancy supervision in the patient's home town, which reduces psycological and emotional stress as well as economical burden.

But the biggest part of our success is achived because we, like you, are parents and are as well driven by the desire to reach unique and sacred happiness - family happiness, happiness to continue the family, happiness of communication. All our knowledge, all our strength we give to you, and together with you we will overcome all obsticles and reach the goal.

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