Flying home with the baby

You'll need to think about how to get the baby home, typically by plane.  Some issues to keep in mind include:

  • Seating: Until the baby is 2 years old, the baby can generally sit in your lap.  You can generally have 1 baby per lap.  If you have triplets, with two adults, you probably need to buy a third seat.  Do confirm with your airline.
  • Baby Food: You'll need to feed the baby.  If you're not breast feeding, you'll have to plan how to handle forumla.  You'll need sterilized bottles, formula and water.  You can pre-sterilize bottles and travel with them in platic bags.  You can pre-measure formula into either plastic bags or carrying containers.  Water is more complicated - check with your airline or airport.  Your choices come down to trying to carry water inside the bottles through security (say it's baby formula water - maybe you'll get through), purchase water after you've cleared security, or get water on the airplaine from the stewardesses.  
  • Changing the baby:  The onboard bathrooms have limited space for changing a baby, but you'll have to make do.  In addition to diapers, remember to carry extra baby wipes. 
  • Change of clothes for the baby: Bring the appropriate number for the flight.
  • Change of clothes for you: In case the baby throws up, goes to the bathroom, or does something else on you. 

Some other tips:

  • Ear Pressure: If the baby is breast feeding or formula feeding, you may consider feeding them during take-off and landing.  This can help alleviate any ear discomfort. 
  • Sick baby: Check with your doctor if the baby has a cold, cough, or ear infection. 

 Each airport seems to handle security differently - double check everything with your airline/airport before leaving.

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