Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour SCI Healthcare Is Different

We are proven
SCI Healthcare’s surrogacy program is proven, many times over! With one more than 200 babies now home with their families, and another 100 on the way, it’s clear SCI Healthcare is doing a lot right! We can provide you with references from past and present clients, better still, read about our client satisfaction first-hand from the numerous online blogs praising our service.

High success rates
Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour and her team are one of the largest and most experienced IVF/surrogacy providers in India. Dr Shivani is “hands-on” - she performs all donor/client scans, egg collections and embryo transfers - she does not outsource this vital work to less experienced doctors. SCI Healthcare’s embryology team is experienced and sought after by IVF and surrogacy centres across India. We enjoy a higher than normal positive pregnancy results with 75 per cent of donor egg/surrogacy clients achieving pregnancy on their first try. Ninety per cent of clients are pregnant on their second try, very few clients need to try a third time. Our miscarriage rate is lower than national and international averages.

Brand new five-star medical facilities
Our IVF centre Isis Hospital is brand new and equipped with the latest medical equipment. We are proud of the beautiful facilities we have created for the comfort of our surrogates, donors and clients. Our centre rivals the best private hospitals in the world in terms of medical care and comfort.

Ethical and reputable
SCI Healthcare follows the Guidelines for IVF and Surrogacy practice recommended by the Indian Council of Medical Research. In the absence of Indian legislation regulating surrogacy agreements, ICMR guidelines set out code of ethical standards our practitioners closely observe.

Fast communication - we don’t keep you waiting.
We understand how difficult it can be place your dreams of a family in the hands of a clinic in a foreign country. Most of our clients start the surrogacy process feeling alone and overwhelmed, but unwilling to give up what is, for them, a basic human need – to love and nurture a child. Rest assured, hundreds of couples before you have done just that and are now home with their babies. If they can do it, so can you! We have a team of more than 60 - there is always someone available to answer your questions.

We listen to our clients
Every single client, past and present, has walked a difficult path in their pursuit of creating a family. Most of our clients have suffered years of infertility, or had repeated miscarriages and failed IVF treatment. We understand how difficult it is to have your baby growing so far from home. We provide regular test results throughout your treatment and pregnancy. We don't keep clients waiting for news, there is always someone available to help you.

For more information www.surrogacycentreindia.com

Surrogacy contributing to medical tourism

Surrogacy as an industry is growing at the fastest possible pace in India. Childless couples from all over the world are coming to India for reproductive procedures. They come to India to have a baby of their own. In vitro fertilization and donor insemination are the main procedures. Medical tourism has touched new levels with advancement in surrogacy programs in India.

The cost of treatment is way less than half of that is there in western countries. No wonder India is slowly becoming the surrogacy hub. The Indian clinics have best of the facilities and medical expertise is unparalleled. Hiring and retention of Indian surrogates is relatively high and maintained well by the clinics. Not only the cost is less, the laws are also very simple in the country. This has augmented international confidence in going for the treatment in India.

The potential surrogates are easily available, thanks to the large population of the developing country. One can choose from a wide range of qualified surrogate mothers. The medical infrastructure here is amazing which makes the process more simple and effective. The demand for surrogacy is increasing internationally. The multiple benefits of having a surrogacy in India includes affordable egg donors, latest instruments, advanced technology and renowned transplant experts.

The trauma of not having a baby of their own can only be understood by the childless couple. There is nothing more important than having a baby and see a cute little face in their life. So come to India, get blessed with a little soul and cherish the happiness forever.

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