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How to Uninstall Dell Backup and Recovery Manager?

Here the users will come to know as how to uninstall and remove the Dell Backup Recovery Manager. The users just uninstall the program but doing this will not remove it from the task tray. This is a bug with Dell’s software. So, here the visitors of this page can check the steps.

Firstly, right click and exit the Dell Backup and Recovery Manager in the task tray. Then open Windows Explorer and search to C:\dell. Delete the DBRM folder and the DBRM.ini file. Open the registry editor and delete the DBRM Tray key. At last, restart the computer system.

How to download Dell Backup and Recovery

Before going to Dell Backup and Recovery download the users may have the minimum system requirements as

·         Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

·         Processor: 1GHz or faster

·         System Memory (RAM): 1GB (32-bit) or 2GB (64-bit)

·         Hard disk space: At least 16GB free or greater

Now move on to the downloading steps:

Step 1: Firstly ensure that the device meets the minimum system requirements.

Step 2: Save all open files and close the open applications.

Step 3: Now needed to remove all the previous Dell backup applications if installed.

Step 4: Download Dell Backup and Recovery, and then run the Setup Program.

Step 5: If wanted to make changes to your computer, click “Yes” and follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 6: If asked to restart the system please do that and after the system restarts, please allow the update to complete before using the application.

Step 7: To open Dell Backup and Recovery, click Start, type Backup in the search box and then click the Dell Backup and Recovery icon.

Technical Issues with Dell Computers

The Dell computers are very effective and most reputed devices in the world and it has equipped with latest components so there could be various technical issues too. So, here you can get the issues that can be faced and resolved by the technicians. The issues such as Support for Operating System Issues Internet and Browser Related Issues, Malware & Adware Removal Support for Dell Computer, Online Help for Wireless Connectivity Issues, Peripheral Connection and Sharing Issues, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connection Error, Antivirus and Virus Removal Support, Software Installation, Update and Reinstallation, PC Tune-up and Optimization Support, Driver Update or Repair Related Issues and Printer Connection and Sharing Issues.

If the issues are not resolved by the users they are required to get in touch with the Dell Customer Support at Dell tech support phone number 1-844-395-2200 for best assistance.

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Top designers to show their work at BFW17

Borneo Fashion Week 2017 (BFW17), the most anticipated fashion event in Borneo will descend upon Kuching at B744 Arts Centre in Bintawa here from July 7 to 9.

Organised by Borneo Ads Management, the inaugural fashion event will see 20 acclaimed international and Malaysian designers showcasing their creations.

“This event provides a perfect platform to promote local talented designers and to showcase their unique art. It will also promote networking among Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei’s socialites, fashion industry professionals including retail buyers, fashion journalists, trendsetters and tastemakers,” said BFW17 director Stephanie Alcantara in a statement.

According to her, a host of key influencers, socialites and VIPs in the business, fashion and lifestyle arena, celebrities, retail entrepreneurs and buyers from around Malaysia and Asia, as well as the country’s foremost media are expected to attend the event.

“The event presents the opportunity to put the iconic Borneo fashion on the world stage of fashion, which is our ultimate aim,” she said, adding that Borneo’s beautiful landscape provides the best backdrop to present on one-runway talented local designers as well as international designers.

Among the names of established designers from Malaysia who have confirmed their participation at BFW17 include Bon Zainal, Amanda Brown, Rasta Rashid, JoDisaya, UVA, Iman Lough and Tamma.

BFW will also showcase designs from Nila Palacios from Venezuela and Afsana Ferdousi from Bangladesh.

On the homefront, Sarawak’s own top designer, Dato Raymond Jolly will present creations from his renowned fashion brand Von Jolly Couture.

As a Sarawakian, Raymond is certainly excited about coming back to his “neck of the woods” for the biggest fashion show ever held in Borneo.

“Speaking on behalf of our fashion label Von Jolly Couture, this spectacular idea of the inaugural Borneo Fashion Week 2017 is absolutely brilliant! As a person who puts Arts and Culture before our name, this is going to be a great breakthrough in breaking the barrier of arts and culture, per se, into an international level of the fashion world,” said Raymond, who is one half of the creative force behind Von Jolly Couture. The other is his nephew Aaron George Von Jolly.

He added, “Having penetrated into the fashion market in Paris and Istanbul, we do not think that any lines should be drawn as yet. Instead, to be able to return to our home ground to showcase our work here in Borneo is certainly something that we have been looking forward to for a while now.

“This will also be our way to give back to our community here in Borneo and our little gesture to say thank you to our own homeland.”

After being in the fashion industry since the early 2000, Raymond understands the highs and lows of being a fashion designer, and that it is not always smooth sailing. That is why he feels that an event like BFW17 is beneficial for local designers, especially the up and coming young designers.

“The goal of a designer is to listen, observe, understand, symphatise, emphatise, synthetise and glean insights that would enable he or she to make the invisible visible.

“With the amount of exposure to expect from the upcoming BFW17, which will involve international names from the fashion world, we believe this will definitely be a good eye opener in breaking the barrier of just concentrating on the local market itself. Therefore, it will create a great global village where fashion and lifestyle is concern in putting Borneo on the map as the next fashion hub in Malaysia,” he remarked.

BFW17 also serves as a hub for young independent and creative talent.

During the event, all emerging designers will be competing for ‘The Most Promising Designer Award 2017’ and a fashion scholarship from Lim Kok Wing University worth more than RM100,000.

The selection process for the award will be based on original creativity and judged by a panel of judges and will be announced on the final day of the event.

This award, according to Raymond, will definitely help to open doors for the winner as well as emerging designers who compete for the award.

“Awards and recognitions act as a boost in uplifting the spirit of a person, thus, making them strive harder in moving forward,” said Raymond.

“Likewise in the fashion world, awards such as the Most Promising Designer will contribute towards the same impact. Good design is obvious but great design is transparent. At the end of the day, a recognition granted equals a couple of more doors to be opened,” he added.

Recognising the need is the primary condition of design, said Raymond.

Therefore, his advice to emerging designers is “to be able to put a start, a stop, the right time and moment without having to go overboard.

“One must understand that style come and go, as good design is a language and thus must be polished as we go along the way.”

Another Sarawakian who will showcase her designs at BFW17 is Miri-born Noraini Allision Salleh.

A University of Malaya law graduate, she began her foray into the fashion industry in 2013.

Today she is the creative force that drives her Pua Heritage Boutique’s in house brand N.Inspired. With an eye for detail, Noraini has built the company and brand from the ground up since its inception.

Sharing the philoshophy behind Pua Heritage, Noraini said: “Pua Heritage was created to answer a call. We believe that looking back to one’s heritage is the answer for us to move forward.

“Every design is infused with ethnic touches be it in the motifs or in the fabric itself. Our in-house brand N.Inspired intends to inspire others to be creative in cultivating new form of fashion expression.”

As a Malaysian, and in particular a Sarawakian designer who has penetrated the international market, Noraini is looking forward to the BFW17.

“It will create new waves of hype in the Malaysian fashion industry by adding another event to the international fashion calendar,” she said of the event.

“BFW17 will allow new and upcoming designers to display their creations and to further expose their talents to a much wider audience as well as getting them in touch with potential clients.”

She also feels that ‘The Most Promising Designer Award 2017’ will add value and credibility to an up and coming designer’s profile.

“Being part of such an event too is a great honour and an experience will certainly open many doors of opportunities to all the designers who taken part,” said Noraini.

Her advise to emerging young designers is to be driven by their passion and to create art through fashion.

“It is also important to stay humble and be truthful to oneself,” she said.

BFW17 is expected to attract about 5,000 participants during the three-day event, which will include emerging designer shows, makeup workshops, retail booths and photographers’ booths.

A dinner will be held on July 7 following the launch of BFW17 where the Yang di-Pertua Negeri’s wife Toh Puan Datuk Patinggi Raghad Kurdi Taib and Chief Minister’s wife Datin Amar Dato Juma’ani Tuanku Bujang are expected to attend.

Part proceeds from the dinner will also be channeled towards the Penan Women Project.

“The project focuses on helping the women of the indigenous Penan tribe with earning regular incomes from crafting handmade bags. It will help to ensure the continuity of their heritage such as weaving as the Penan women are expert weavers despite having no formal education. Their patterns are intricate; the quality of their work is excellent,” said Stephanie.Read more at:long formal dresses | formal dresses 2017

Batterie pour HP Compaq NC6120

De plus, la prochaine génération de Skype va vous aider à garder une trace de vos conversations, en particulier sur les mobiles. Par exemple, tout en discutant avec un ami, Cortana peut souligner des mots-clés relatifs à des personnes ou des entreprises. Vous pouvez cliquer sur ces derniers pour obtenir plus d’informations.Mais ce n’est pas tout. Skype est maintenant disponible pour le casque HoloLens. Cela pourrait être très utile pour montrer à un ami une nouvelle maison, obtenir de l’aide sur une tâche, et bien d’autres possibilités.Les bots apparaîtront sur les applications Windows, iOS et Android de Skype, bien que l’on ne sache pas exactement quelles fonctionnalités seront disponibles au lancement. Les développeurs auront également accès à un SDK. D’ailleurs, ces derniers sont encouragés à intégrer le bot de Microsoft dans leurs applications, augmentant ainsi la portée des applications supportées dans un proche avenir. À l’heure actuelle, on ne connait pas les partenariats que Microsoft a réalisés.Microsoft vient d’arriver dans une nouvelle étape dans la construction de sa technologie holographique, les HoloLens. Annoncé lors de la Microsoft Build 2016 à San Francisco, Alex Kipman, de Microsoft, a indiqué qu’un modèle HoloLens serait expédié aujourd’hui à tous les développeurs.

Le Developer Kit, qui a été annoncé le mois dernier, coûte actuellement la lourde note de 3 000 dollars.Outre l’expédition des premiers HoloLens aux développeurs, Microsoft a publié son outil nommé « Galaxy Explorer », à la fois sur le Windows Store et Github. Ainsi, les développeurs qui sont intéressés pour développer de nouveaux concepts, que ce soit pour la cartographie spatiale ou la gestuelle, peuvent récupérer le code source, et comprendre comment faire pour développer une application pour les HoloLens.Afin de faire décoller son projet, Microsoft a signé quelques partenariats pour les HoloLens, avec notamment Lowe, Stryker, Audi ou encore la NASA. Peut-être que le plus impressionnant est le potentiel des HoloLens en dehors du jeu et du divertissement. En fait, Microsoft a invité deux médecins sur scène juste pour montrer comment le dispositif peut être utilisé pour « enseigner la médecine ». En effet, la capacité de réaliser des expériences dans les salles d’opération pourrait bien être un must-have dans de telles situations.

Build 2016 : Microsoft commence à expédier ses HoloLens aux développeurs Bien que le développement soit en cours, ne vous attendez pas à avoir un casque HoloLens dans vos mains de sitôt. Ceci est la première étape d’une route, qui va s’avérer très longue !Eh bien, voici une annonce que nous n’avions pas vu venir, et ce malgré les différentes fuites entourant Windows 10, et sa future itération connue jusqu’ici sous le nom de code Redstone, mais depuis quelques minutes comme l’Anniversary Update (qui sera disponible cet été).Annoncé par Microsoft à la BUILD 2016 aujourd’hui, le géant de Redmond apporte le très célèbre Bash shell du projet GNU pour Windows 10. Bash, acronyme de Bourne-Again shell, est depuis longtemps un standard sur de nombreux systèmes de distribution Linux et OS X, tandis que le terminal par défaut pour les développeurs sur Windows a été le propre Microsoft PowerShell. Évidemment, pour de nombreux développeurs, cela a été un véritable manque — bien qu’il a été porté sous Microsoft Windows par le projet Cygwin, cela restait une émulation.Plus important encore que de pousser le bash dans Windows, les développeurs vont également être en mesure d’écrire leurs scripts sur Windows (ou utiliser emacs pour modifier leur code). Microsoft a noté que cela va fonctionner grâce à un nouveau sous-système Linux sous Windows 10, sur lequel Microsoft a travaillé avec Canonical.

L’idée ici est clairement de positionner Windows 10 comme un meilleur système d’exploitation pour les développeurs qui veulent cibler d’autres plates-formes en dehors du propre écosystème Microsoft. En vertu de son nouveau PDG, Satya Nadella, la société a rapidement adopté l’idée de vouloir cibler tous les développeurs et les plates-formes — pas seulement son propre écosystème.En effet, voir Microsoft se rapprocher d’un système d’exploitation rival comme Linux était impensable il y a seulement quelques années. Aujourd’hui, la société a fait tomber les frontières, et propose désormais le support de Linux sur Azure, tout en ouvrant le code source de nombreuses de ses technologies. Et, la firme va jusqu’à proposer sa très célèbre plate-forme SQL Server sous Linux.Malheureusement, il faudra patienter pour en profiter. Le Bash arrivera dans le cadre de la Windows 10 Anniversary Update cet été. Néanmoins, rassurez-vous, elle sera disponible à tous les membres du programme Windows Insider avant cela.Microsoft a annoncé aujourd’hui la prochaine mise à jour majeure de Windows 10 lors de sa conférence dédiée aux développeurs, la BUILD 2016, à San Francisco. La « Windows 10 Anniversary Update » est prévue d’arriver vous l’avez deviné — pour l’anniversaire des un an du lancement de Windows 10, soit au plus tard cet été. Pour rappel, Windows 10 a été lancé le 29 juillet, de sorte que ce sera probablement la date de sortie de l’OS.

Baptisée Redstone, et maintenant simplement nommée « Anniversary Update », la version comprend plusieurs nouvelles fonctionnalités pour rendre le système d’exploitation plus puissant qu’auparavant, ainsi que de nombreux commentaires de la part des utilisateurs.Bien sûr, beaucoup de nouvelles fonctionnalités ont été, et seront poussées aux membres du programme Windows Insider avant la date de lancement. En effet, la plupart d’entre eux vont commencer à être poussés aujourd’hui, de sorte que nous devrions rapidement savoir ce que Microsoft souhaite pousser dans les mains des consommateurs dans un proche avenir. La mise à jour, tout comme les previews avant elles, sera disponible gratuitement et arrivera sur tous les périphériques Windows, y compris la Xbox One et le fameux casque HoloLens de la firme de Redmond.BUILD 2016 : Microsoft annonce Windows 10 Anniversary Update pour cet été Microsoft indique qu’elle offrira de nouvelles fonctionnalités pour sa fonctionnalité Windows Hello, Cortana et d’autres parties du système d’exploitation. Microsoft a également vanté l’authentification biométrique, et qu’avec la « Anniversary Update », les utilisateurs seront en mesure d’utiliser Windows Hello pour vous connecter à certaines applications.Microsoft a grandement amélioré le support du stylet. Il y a un nouvel « Ink Center » auquel vous pouvez facilement accéder à chaque fois à l’aide d’un stylet. Il comprend un Sticky Notes amélioré, qui peut maintenant automatiquement reconnaître votre écriture et vos notes et les liens hypertextes avec des informations importantes. Par exemple, vous pouvez créer des rappels pour Cortana depuis vos notes, ou rechercher des adresses que vous avez écrites à la main.


Sinorock self drilling rock bolts can makes a solid tie with costructions

Sinorock® self drilling rock bolts are passive ties; typically classified as lightly loaded, short installations. The Sinorock® Rock Bolt System provides a practical rock bolt that is quick and easy to install through fractured or broken ground. The system is available with a range of harder drill bits (Tungsten Carbide: button or chisel) for efficient drilling in stronger material.


Grouting reinforcement makes slurry permeate and diffuse in stratum hole or cracks through self drilling anchor bolt by virtue of grouting pump’s pressure to improve soil’s physical properties, enhance self-stable ability of excavation face and then reach to the purpose of restraining deformation of stratum.The purpose of adopting grouting method to carry out pre-reinforcement is to form sealing ring with certain strength and thickness around contour line of tunnel excavation, then have function of load-bearing arch, with bearing gravity of upper stratum and making surrounding rock, support system in status of pressure-avoiding. The pressure mainly refers to deformation pressure from arch of tunnel, so the upper load will be decreased largely.
























cute lace underwear

Lingerie wholesale sexy swimwear Buyers Guide - A Few Tips For Men When Buying Lingerie Women

Guys, before you set out wholesale fashion dresses to buy your lovely lady something special from the lingerie department, here are a couple of tips to help you pick out something that she really will enjoy.


First of all, buying lingerie for your sweetheart cute lace underwear can be both an intimate and thoughtful present, but it depends on how you do it. If you are not careful, she might perceive your present, as merely you acting like a pervert.

So before you buy, consider why it is that you want to buy her lingerie? If it is just to see her in an especially slutty schoolgirl or nurse's costume, you are probably just going to get yourself into a huge heap of trouble!

The last thing you want is to end up sleeping alone or being in the doghouse because she took your present the wrong way. However, if you do get it right, your little surprise can be an especially sweet gesture of affection.

If you know her well, you will know what she likes. If she never wears a g-string, chances are she will still not want to wear one even if you buy it for her. Think of what kind of styles and patterns she usually likes. She will notice that you were considerate in your purchase, and it will help your present be something that gets used instead of just something that gets shoved in the back of her drawer.

Next, know your sizing. Even if you are absolutely clueless about the ins and outs of women's under things, there is an easy way to find out. Simply look for a bra she has left lying around or find one in her underwear drawer. Write down the sizes; this will make it very easy to find something that will fit her. Underwear sizes come in small, medium, and so on, or they come in number sizes. If you can, find a pair that has a number size, as that is more specific, and will guarantee a better fit.

Next, it will help if you know a little bit of basic lingerie terminology. Obviously, you are probably aware of bras and panties. Camisoles are like a bra with a built in sheer part that covers the midriff. Teddies are like little one piece's that cover the whole torso. Either of these are a great choice for a man to buy as a present because they suggest romance instead of kinkiness or lustiness.

Finally, a few last minute tips to help you avoid disaster. Do not buy anything that says 'control' or 'reducing,' or anything like that on the label. You can see how a present like that might be misinterpreted as you calling her fat.

In the same way, cleavage-enhancing bras could be interpreted as you calling her flat chested. And once again, avoid getting kinky items, because that generally does not say 'I love you.'


corset skirts sets

Cheap wholesale christmas costumes Lingerie Without The Cheap Look

Men spend a lot of money trying corset skirts sets to find ways to make their loved ones even prettier than they are. To find a look that flatters what his mate has and hides the things she doesn't like about herself can make everyone feel good. But what can be even better is finding cheap lingerie that looks like it cost a million dollars. Even now that's not an easy task. But with an increase in online lingerie shops, it's getting easier.


Cheap lingerie might be a misnomer. Even womens black lingerie lingerie on sale is typically higher in cost than a pair of pants. But there are places and times where men can find lower-priced lingerie. Clearance bins at the local department store is one place to look. These bins hold the pieces that got overstocked, or failed to sell for some reason. As such, they may not be silk or satin lingerie with frills or extras. But they can still make a good gift for someone who has not become accustomed to higher-priced lingerie. Another place to look for low-price lingerie is online. With the myriad of lingerie storefronts on the Internet, there are inevitably going to be those pieces that arrive to the seller defective or tagged with the wrong size. Some will sell returns for a percentage off. And with all of the competition online, there will always be a shop here or there that is going out of business and needs to get rid of its inventory, for whatever customers are willing to pay.

There are as many styles of cheap lingerie as there are body types in the world. Two distinct purposes of lingerie are to enhance the body's natural beauty and to shape and modify parts of the body that need help. Corsets, bustiers, bras, garters and the like are shapers. They can make the breasts appear larger and more shapely. They can also slim the waist and bring out curves that are just barely there. Teddys, camis, baby dolls and other similar styles of lingerie can enhance the body's natural shape. They often cover the torso, and come in either one-piece suits or a set with a top and panties.

Movies have made popular the silky, soft and lacy lingerie, but it can be made of a variety of fabrics. Leather and velvet are popular choices for those looking to go against the grain. Cotton and other more 'comfortable' fabrics have made a recent appearance to cater to women with "discomfort phobia." Lycra, a stretchy material related to spandex, is popular among men's lingerie and increasingly with women's bodysuits.


wholesale babydoll lingerie

The wholesale halloween costumes Experience of Buying Sexy Lingerie

What do you feel when you first wholesale babydoll lingerie buy the sexy lingerie for your lover or yourself?Embarrassed ,Excited,nervous or uneasy?Maybe it is an unforgettable experience for you to buy sexy lingerie.Let’s learn about other’s experience when buying it.


Example large women lingerie 1: fear of running into acquaintances

It was my girlfriend’s birthday just the other day.I was puzzled about what gift I should present her.I had already bought necklace and finger ring for her,and she had all kinds of cosmetic.She was such a girl who always liked new things that I decided to buy her sexy lingerie to surprise her.

I came to the lingerie department store and was dazzled by the endless array of beautiful exhibits. Triumph seemed to be a well¬¬—known brand,so I got up my courage to go into the store.The salesgirl was quite warm and asked me which style I liked.I just said"Let me have a look first"in response.But after selecting for a long time,there were no differences between them whatever the size or color in my opinion.Feeling that the women back and forth were staring at me,a blush came into my cheeks and felt more shy to ask the salesgirl.

Then the salesgirl came to me and whispered"Sir, What sort of price would you like to pay?I can recommend some to you ." I pretended to be sophisticated and said"I want a suit about 300 yuan." She recommended a new style which was made of imported fabric with smile.It was a beautiful linerie so I decided to take it.She asked me which size I needed,I replied 80 almost.Then she smiled and asked again"Is is A cup or B cup?"I really got confused and unexpectedly said "The same size with you ".Then she smiled generously:"That is B cup" After the payment,I took the lingerie and fled away from the store in fear of running into acquaintances.

Every time I come to the place which is surrounded by colorful lingerie with various type of lace,it feels like I am surrounded by a lot of women..Although nobody nearby is acquainted with me,and they are even unwilling to give me a look,I still feel that somebody is noticing me .

A man can talk about the lingerie’s style and color with his wife freely at home ,but after all it is an extremely topic which can not be exposed to the public.No matter how he drowns his lips over it ,the situation can only occur at home.


Ducks are the first in the NHL

There's no telling whether the Blackhawks, for all their triumphs, will be able to climb their way out of a 3-0 hole, but for now they've ceded the mantle as team to beat in the Western Conference to the Ducks.That much became clear Wednesday when Anaheim asserted its claim to the top in completing a series sweep over the Flames with a 2-1 win in Calgary.Maybe it shouldn't be surprising. Lost in the commotion of the Sharks, last year's conference champion, fumbling away the Pacific Division and the 106-point Wild running cold, the Ducks are battle tested and boast the deepest blue line of any team in the playoffs, injuries notwithstanding. The trade deadline acquisition of Patrick Eaves is the gift that keeps on giving.

Ryan Getzlaf and Ryan Kesler have the makings of early Conn Smythe cases.Not to be overlooked, Ducks are the first in the NHL to reach the second round, meaning they'll have plenty of time to rest while they await the winner of a Oilers-Sharks series that may go the distance. That could mean a Game 1 return for Cam Fowler, Anaheim's best defenseman who has begun skating in his rehab from a knee injury.Meanwhile the Wild needed a headstand from Devan Dubnyk to blank the Blues and stave off elimination until at least Game 5. The Blackhawks face the same fate Thursday, but lest the West's top two regular-season point-getters overcome near-insurmountable odds, the Ducks have a clear path to the Stanley Cup. NHL 17 Coins for Sale, The Best Place to Buy it from the realiable site

In NHL history, only four of 182 teams have come back from a 3-0 series deficit to win Game 7 2.2 percent. Three stars 3. T.J. Oshie, Capitals Washington's top line was its best line, accounting for three goals in a critical 5-4 victory in Game 4 to pull even with the Maple Leafs. Oshie was credited with two of them his first of the playoffs including the one that stood as the game-winner when Toronto made things interesting in the final minute. Honorable mentions for linemates Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom for coming up big.2. Craig Anderson, Senators Anderson's 22-save shutout in Game 4 has Ottawa one win from its first trip to the second round since 2013.

What's more, the Bruins have never come back from down 3-1 to win a series (0-22 all time). It's the fourth doughnut of Anderson's playoff career and the veteran improved to 9-2 with a .928 save percentage in his last 11 games overall against Boston.1. Devan Dubnyk, Wild Dubnyk is hardly to blame for Minnesota's first-round hole. He made 28 saves in Game 4 to single-handedly keep the Wild's season alive, logging the second shutout of his playoff career.Gotta see it Erik Karlsson, the Senators' do-it-all defenseman, should win the Norris Trophy this year as the NHL's best blueliner. He's certainly been at his best in the playoffs and made another magician-like pass to Bobby Ryan to set up the only goal of Ottawa's Game 4 victory.

laser painter

Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday announced the Facebook Connectivity Lab, a division within his company that is working with drones, satellites and lasers pen to bring Internet connectivity to those who don't yet have it. The effort is a part of, a global partnership that was launched last year with the mission of connecting everyone on the planet to the Internet. "Our goal with is to make affordable access to basic Internet services available to every person in the world," Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post .

Red Laser Pointer 200mW

Trimedyne Inc. on Wednesday announced that it has received clearance from the federal Food and Drug Administration to market a Laser Pointer needle that could make it easier for doctors to reach cancerous tumors. The Irvine manufacturer of surgical laser systems said that the FDA approved the marketing and sale of its Sidefire laser needle in 10 more surgical techniques, including general surgery, prostate surgery and dermatology.

Trimedyne Inc. said Thursday that it has received federal approval to market a laser product for urological surgeries. "We believe this will provide a significant and material effect on the future growth of our company," said Richard A. Dremmer, Trimedyne's corporate secretary. Irvine-based Trimedyne Wholesale Laser Pointer and High End Laser Pointer for opening clogged blood vessels and for use in surgery. Last year, the firm won Food and Drug Administration approval to use a laser for removing gallbladders.

Examining human skin with World's Most Powerful Laser Pointer shows dramatic differences between sun-damaged skin and undamaged skin, and the technique may hold promise for skin disease diagnosis and evaluation of so-called anti-aging creams, according to Dr. David Laffell, a fellow in microsurgery and lecturer in dermatology at the University of Michigan School of Medicine in Ann Arbor.

Most Powerful Laser

October 30, 2012 -- Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) is proud to release a new member to the highly successful TruSpeed S family of Laser Pointer. Like the current TruSpeed S, the Sx model measures speed but it also has a built-in tilt sensor that can calculate both horizontal and vertical distances for crash scene mapping.

In response to market requirements for an affordably priced accident reconstruction tool, the engineers at LTI have once again set the bar high with this dual purpose speed and mapping laser pointer. It is designed to help crash investigation teams clear the accident scene quickly, record accurate measurements and produce reliable calculations using consistent methodology. LTI is proud to continue to deliver ever-increasing capability and efficiency within the budgetary constraints of today’s law enforcement agencies.

There are other types of measurement tools and methods for Accident Reconstruction and Forensics, such as the labor intensive tape wheel and clipboard or expensive 3D scanners. The TruSpeed Sx green laser pen is designed to stand out from the others by balancing accuracy, training time, setup and mapping time with affordability.

Clearing crash scenes quickly and accurately is now at a premium. Maximizing data collection and beating the clock literally saves billions of otherwise wasted dollars, making Accident Reconstructionists indispensable to their respective agencies.

"If you want to be more productive with minimal effort and stress, this is the system for you,” states David Williams, CEO of Laser Technology, Inc. “With a typical range accuracy of +/- 1.6 in and an inclination accuracy of +/- 0.1 degree, this unit packs a big punch in its 5" x 4" x 2" frame."


How to Uninstall or Upgrade Bitdefender 2016 in Windows 10?

Bitdefender is an antivirus security tool which has been used among many users from every corner of the world. It is one among the oldest companies which provide online protection tools for the computer systems.

How to uninstall Bitdefender 2016?

To uninstall the Bitdefender in the right way for Windows 10, follow the steps:

Step1: Firstly click on “Start” menu and then click “Setting”.

Step2: Click the System icon in the Settings area, then select Installed apps.

Step3: Find Bitdefender 2016 and select “Uninstall”.

Step4: Click Uninstall again to confirm your choice.

Step5: Click Remove and then there will be selecting situation as “I want to reinstall it” or “I want to permanently remove it” select it as per your choice.

Step6: Click on “Next” tab to continue. You might get a firewall permission request because Bitdefender uninstaller needs access in order to configure your firewall properly and not leave your computer exposed after it's uninstalled.

Step7: Now, wait for the uninstalling process to complete, and then reboot your system.

How to upgrade the Bitdefender?

If you are using the previous version of Bitdefender you are required to upgrade it to enjoy the latest features and tasks. So, follow the steps to update it.

Step 1: Initially, visit to the Bitdefender Central account

Step 2: Now, select the “My Devices panel”.

Step 3: In the My Devices window, click on “Install Bitdefender” menu.

Step 4: Click on the “Download” button.

Step 5: Now, wait to download to complete, then run the installer by pressing the right click on the file you’ve saved and then to Run as administrator.

Step 6: Now required to uninstall Bitdefender previous version installed from computer and will be assisted to do that. Just click on Uninstall previous version.

Step 7: After uninstalling the older version, you will be prompted to restart your computer

Step 8: The installation process of Bitdefender will start on your computer.

Step 9: Now, just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. After Bitdefender finishes installing it will automatically add the remaining days you had left on your old Bitdefender as long as they are the same product and are for the same number of users.

For any other queries or issues the users can take the online help of professionals by dialing the Bitdefender Support Number. Services are available nonstop for US and Canada regions users by just a single phone call.

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