Baby Manji: A stateless surrogate baby

This is one of the cases that really brought surrogacy to the forefront of Indian debate in 2008. This Indian news story focuses on baby Manji in early 2008. A Japanese couple used a gestational surrogate with a donor egg, but then divorced before the baby was born in Dr. Patel's clinic. The wife (who was not genetically related to the baby) didn't want the baby, but the father (who was genetically related to the baby) did. However, at the time, Japanese law didn't recognize surrogacy and Indian Law wouldn't allow a single man to adopt a baby child. The story ended well - the baby did end up getting a Japanese visa and going to Japan. And, single fathers have since been successful in getting babies home from India, especially through Rotunda. Dr. Patel doesn't work with single fathers, so she has less experience with these types of cases than Rotunda.