1. Film of Dr. Patel's clinic

This video was taken on 08 August 2009 by hammockguy66. It was recorded with the approval of the Patel's, on a Sunday when there were few people. On Monday through Saturday, this place is bustling with activity; too much to be sensitive to privacy concerns. A skeleton crew of staff is available though, usually to assist intended parents with daily injections, which usually occur around 11 am. Hitesh is Dr. Nayna Patel's husband.

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2. BBC Breakfast Show - Indian Surrogacy Feature

BBC Breakfast Show - Indian Surrogacy Feature (13th Oct 2008) with Daisy and Nikki from oneinsix.com.

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3. Baby Manji: A stateless surrogate baby

This is one of the cases that really brought surrogacy to the forefront of Indian debate in 2008. This Indian news story focuses on baby Manji in early 2008. A Japanese couple used a gestational surrogate with a donor egg, but then divorced before the baby was born in Dr. Patel's clinic. The wife (who was not genetically related to the baby) didn't want the baby, but the father (who was genetically related to the baby) did. However, at the time, Japanese law didn't recognize surrogacy and Indian Law wouldn't allow a single man to adopt a baby child. The story ended well - the baby did end up getting a Japanese visa and going to Japan. And, single fathers have since been successful in getting babies home from India, especially through Rotunda. Dr. Patel doesn't work with single fathers, so she has less experience with these types of cases than Rotunda.

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5. Gay dads bringing babies home through surrogacy (this is with U.S. surrogate)

Gay dads through surrogacy are bringing their babies home (this is with a U.S. surrogate) - part 1/4.

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6. Investigative report on Surrogacy with negative slant

Investigative report of Surrogacy, interviewing Dr. Patel at Anand. Has a negative slant on commercial surrogacy, but informational nonetheless. Embedding was disabled by the producers, but the video can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqXZGM_sfvA.

The same story, with a slightly different editing, titled "The Baby Factory", was aired on Australia's Dateline in Feb, 2009.

Issues raised in the video (and issues to watch out for) include:

  • costs were not well understood ahead of time - make sure you clearly understand costs ahead of time, and understand what is and is not included in the costs. 
  • when should embryos be transferred - day 3 or day 5 (bastocysts). Most surrogacy clinics seem to do day 3 transfers; the IVF doctor quoted in the video (and likely inexperienced in surrogate egg transfers) said they should be done on day 5.
  • genuine legal issues of whether a surrogacy contract would stand up in an Indian court of law, although no case of the Indian surrogate mother asking to keep the baby is known. Read more on contract issues at Stateless babies? And the surrogacy contract and What to Know, What to Ask.


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7. Interview with Rotunda's Dr. Kadam

Interview with Rotunda's Dr. Kadam. This interview was done by Medical Tourism Co., which is one of several medical tourism companies that can assist in the process of coordinating an overseas healthcare visit. Read Go direct or use an Agency for more information on whether using an agency is right for you; see agency. See Rotunda for more information about Rotunda.

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8. An India news story about Surrogacy

Phoenix Hospital and Dr. Shivani Gour mentioned in an India news story about Surrogacy.

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9. Two Men and Two Babies

Two Men and Two Babies is a 60 Minutes (Australia) piece on Peter and Trevor, two gay Australian dads who had twins through Rotunda, shown in May, 2009. No preview available, but the full 13 minute show is available on 60 the Minutes Australia site.

10. Australian series chronicling Lisa and Nik's story

"Babies for Sale" is a three part series on Australia's Sunday Night Channel 7 chronicling Lisa and Nik's story (who used Surrogacy India).

Although you'll have to watch an advertisement first, the title of the story is "Babies for Sale". The site does make it difficult link to videos, so if you can't find the video through the link, you can google babies for sale site:au.tv.yahoo.com, although you may then have to further search for the video titled "Babies for sale" on the landing pages.