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The Akanksha clinic is one of the top two or three best known international surrogacy clinics, run by Dr. Patel. Her first surrogacy effort was in 2003, when whe assisted a local 44 year old woman bear a child for her daughter who was living in the U.K. By August 2006, the clinic had nine surroages pregnant with babies for Indian and foreign couples, and in 2007 had delivered over 40 babies. By 2009, the clinic has more than 150 IVF babies and 600 IUI babies to its credit.

The Anand clinic is relatively conservative, only providing services for couples with no children, a medical reasons requiring surrogacy, and refusing gay couples as clients.

Members of the staff include:

Dr. Nayna Patel, medical director of this centre has passed her MBBS and MD with five Gold Medals. She has received extensive training for all these techniques.

Mr. Himanshu Patel is the embryologist of our team and has technical collaboration with Jordan Hospital, IVF center, Amman, Jordan. He has been trained for IVF at Diamond institute for infertility, N.J. USA, and trained for ICSI at the Jordan hospital, Jordan. He has more than 100 IVF and ICSI pregnancies to his credit.

Mrs. Harsha is a second full time embryologist.

Dr. Umaben Jaiswal and Dr. Saroj R Grover are the assistant's doctors of the team.

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There is an interesting set of videos on youtube from one of Dr. Patel's clients. They can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/user/hammockguy66.

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