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Why did we build this site?

When I was looking for medical options, I wanted to look outside my own country. I found this much more difficult than it should be.

Because of such difficulties, most people have limited their health care options to those available within their own country, or within their own insurance system, whether private or public.

The world is changing. High quality health care provisioning at reasonable cost and with short waiting times is increasingly available outside your home country.

Your local doctor, however, typically doesn’t know about these services and doesn’t have the experience to refer you to them.

It really shouldn’t be difficult to learn about your health care options. At Global Doctor Options, we aim to make sure you know about more of your options.

It's your life - you choose.

Want to help us?

We are a global business intent on identifying cost effective methods of making information available to users around the world. If you are interested in contributing to our sales, marketing, site development, or customer service activities, please contact us. Work from home and free-lance opportunities are available.

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People take a lot of time to make their choices about health care providers. Make sure they are aware of and have complete information about your hospital or clinic’s services when they are in the decision making process. There are many options for including your information on our site. Please see our directory listing options to add your information or contact us below.

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