Abdominal wall hernia repair

Procedure Description

Shouldice focuses on abdominal wall hernia repairs. These include:
- inguinal hernia
- umbilical hernia
- epigastric hernia
- inguino - femoral hernia
- incisional hernia

Because it focuses specifically on Hernia repairs, it has very good outcomes. Generally much better than those achieved by generalists. These include:
- more than 300,000 hernia operations performed since 1945
- 7,000 hernia operations performed each year
- 30 hernia operations average per day
- complication and infection rate less than 0.5%
- overall recurrence rate of 1% on more than 300,000 hernia operations

In its dedication to excellence, learning and continous improvement, Shouldice follows-up with all of its patients, including:

  • for more than 60 years, a continuous research project on the largest database in the world
  • all patients are sent a follow up letter each year
  • patients outside Toronto return follow up letter to hospital, indicating condition of surgical site
  • database of more than 300,000 which includes more than 55,000 American patients.
  • Traveling clinics provide remote examinations to over 1,000 patients per year
  • 12,000 patients per year receive follow up examinations at the hospital
USD Cost
US$ 2,300
Cost Includes

The accounting staff will provide an estimate of charges, once you have either been examined at the hospital, or we have received your completed medical questionnaire.